Saturday, February 13, 2010

Big Girl Bombshell suggested a love letter to self for Valentine's Day. I am accustomed to writing love letters to my husband and will write to myself in a way I write to him.

You make my heart light as a warm breeze lifting a lace curtain in spring time, a whisper of tenderness and promise of relief from the day's heated duties. If not for your words of kindness, always at times needed so, I'd crumble in the face of harshness of life's challenges. For too many years you have wasted breath mumbling negative words to self - "I did not measure up." To whom? To other's expectations. Nay, my tenderhearted girl. You are a special treat like a Valentine chocolate! Now in the years of your life where you think that your body no longer holds its own on the beach, we find humor, laughing aloud at the rolls encountered in nakeness -- like the rolls of waves, one after another, continual never ceasing to keep the life in you in motion with a lift of spirit. I like how you've aged. You continue to bring joy to my being -- you're still a keen dancer; boogie on down. I cease the notion, whipping a hand across my face, when one miserable thought of self begins to utter. Wheest! You are smart and wise enough. Look at your life successes, the people you've inspired, the ones you have loyally loved, the places you've seen in the world...all of it. The challenges you've face, living with light beyond the abuse. How tenacious, sweet warrior-woman. Against many odds, you struggled at times to keep your place in the sun, continuing to find beauty - in a rose, in the giggles of children and the hearts of friends. With a keen eye you reminded me often how life is an interesting entertainment. Yes, dearest, you are a strong woman, you kept your sense of humor, even after the beatings and cruel criticisms from those who disbelieved in you; you always believed in yourself. You do not linger long upon the past, only expressing the pain more as a sharing to encourage others to live better. That is a beauty about living longer; willingness to support others to live fully. And why, dearest friend? Because so many have loved you, your wishes, dreams and goals. Yes, I have and am, loved deeply and because of that, I love myself. Blessed be. Your V-Girl, Witchy Woman.

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