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This traveling would go beyond how we think and view the past and future. Mentally we ruminate about the past and worry about the future - or we enjoy memories of the past and in that, they become "real" again emotionally. For the more optimistic person, the future has an excitement with hopes of a better place and time to come.

As a youngster I saw images what I believed to be myself as a gnarly sailor on ships of old. The images were so clear and the feeling  so real intuitively and without reason, I knew at one time, some how, that had been me.

Starting at 11 years of age, I had an incredible pull to learn more about Egypt. I scoured  encyclopedias to read about ancient Egypt, how mummies were mummified, and again felt beyond reason, an intense sense I'd been in there when pharaohs reigned. Later, I become a Rosicrucian, which the teachings date back to ancient Egypt.

Like  other young kids I believed I could fly and in that imagery flying phrase went to outer space to visit other planets where beings I've never seen before lived. I worried they wouldn't find me on Earth and still go out under the night sky inviting the spaceship to come and beam me up, Scotty. Well, I'm still here so....

When I was 16 I learned about past lives and reincarnation. It validated my thoughts I did live before, which I'd later investigate past lives through hypnosis.

One of my lives I explored and actually another historical period drawn to was always the Roaring 20s! There I saw I was a party girl, gangster's moll aka gun moll who went to prison and died at a young age of pneumonia.

Died late 1920s, early 1930s then rushed back into a new body 20 or so years later, which I've learned, not a good thing to do, rush back without taking time to refresh and retrain in the ethers.

This life time health wise, have allergies cumulating in the lungs. And, I did rather enjoy living outside societies acceptable rules  when I was a young adult - not now, of course.

But do read my novel about Summer of Love, titled, "City of Redemption" to get a sense of the times of life experiences where living differently from society's perfect citizen lost it's hold on many young people.

If indeed we live many lives in order to improve our imperfections - greed, anger, hostilities, apathy, judgmental, domination, - bottomline  - until we become serene, joyful and clear minded to truth, we roll back into another time, another body and country - most likely with those we have to heal any bad relationships with - now that's a kicker, eh? Yikes. Back with some relatives? Ex's? Oh my. No. no and more no.

I do think we can travel through time and experience and learn much about your self and how it was to live in different centuries and countries.

Have you experienced time traveling? 

Which is it for you? Past history or future explorations? 

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