Monday, December 2, 2013


Since my recent retirement from private sessions for psychic readings I've been enjoying a couple of ghost bustings with a paranormal investigation film crew, The Haunted Bay. 

After my visit to the Condor Club the producer asked me to sit for an interview about my psychic history.

She asked, How did I realize I was psychic?

Many people have had some kind of encounter ghost or spirit. It's not unusual.  I'm in contact with them all the time. Some are pesky, some just passing through, and others stopping by to say 'hello' or ask to pass on a message to a loved one.

Why do they talk to me? I'm open to hearing and seeing them. I'm (mostly) not afraid. Majority are just ordinary everyday spirits. Just like the people they were. When they are around the air can and often does chill. Maybe just a part of your body will feel the chill, or like a slight breeze can raise the hair on your neck or arm; a feeling someone is there, staring at you. You might get a strong impression, like think you saw a movement, or in your mind's eye see the face of someone (loved one who passed or a stranger); think you heard a whisper. Usually though, the spirit comes in dreams as it's easier to communicate, we being in a rested state like mediation.

You can communicate with them if we want, but like all abilities some have a greater sense to this kind of vibration.

I had an interesting and fun time recently investigating one of San Francisco's most infamous, historically crime ridden areas, The Barbary Coast. There are many, many aimless spirits afloat there. While walking the area I actually walked into a dimension from an era gone past. All of what I was able to pick up, and after much timing consuming research, were validated; historically the producer had no prior knowledge of. She did plan the walk to areas she had confirmed historical facts, only I stopped in many places, alleys, buildings, that she hadn't planned in her investigation.

We did get into two buildings: Art and Craftsman Supply, 555 Pacific Ave. - and wow! downstairs mucho activity with history dating back to tunnels for bad people and their victims.

We did also get into the famous strip place, The Condor Club (Carol Doda). That too has some real interesting ghost activities and sightings. I didn't even want to go downstairs at first; the basement had been the first floor in the building before the 1906 earthquake.

All in all, each event was good for me in my retirement to still use my psychic gifts in a playful way.

Still writing and working on the sequel to my popular novel 'The Skye in June'

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