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In my book, How to Talk With Spirits: Seances, Mediums, Ghost Hunts, I answer many questions from the curious living. A question often asked of me is about our pets, our beloved companions in life. Below is an excerpt. Book paper and eBook available,,

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• Can pets that have passed away communicate with us? We animal lovers dread the moment when our beloved pets––our companions––die. We fear our pets are lost to us forever. The grief can be as powerful as when we lose a person. Communication from a pet can be just as emotional as one with the spirit of a human loved one, and the reasons we want contact with them are the same. 
The energy of a pet doesn’t dissipate quickly after death. Animals are spirits, just as all life is spirit. Since we share the earth, it is easy to believe we exist in the spirit world together. They have a strong spirit presence and in my experience, can often be felt easier than human spirits can. 
People ask me if animals can communicate with us after death. I assure you, contact and communication with your pets can happen. During séances as well as in private psychic sessions I have shared many messages with teary-eyed pet guardians from their beloved animal friends. The spirits of dogs or cats commonly appear without an inquiry. Usually, they come to sit by a particular person. If not, after I describe the animal, someone happily claims it as her or his pet.
When you communicate with your spirit pets, you will receive images, actions and/or hear their animal sound. If communication is through a pet medium, she or he will receive from the pet particular information to identify contact with your pet has been made. The medium might see your pet’s personal habit or a favorite belonging.

Pet mediums are certainly one method for communicating, but I encourage you to do it on your own as well. Sit quietly in the room you and your pet favored. You can place a photograph (your favorite one) in front of you or hold it. Take several deep breaths to relax. Say your pet’s name a few times. Relax deeper and let your mind drift to an image of her or him, maybe a special playtime, or look at that photo. Bring back that loving feeling: Imagine stroking your pet, feel the fur and warmth beneath your fingertips. You could feel the wet nose of your dog nudging your hand. You might hear the purr of your cat. There is no doubt you will experience the presence of your pet as you move into the memories.
What will you want to know about your pet?  (cont'd in book).

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