Monday, December 26, 2016


I wish I could say one more thing, just one more time to say, "I really loved you," or "You were so good in my life." 

Wishing for a chance to talk with the loved one who passed on. Gone from your life.  

Or, has she? Will he never be with you again?You can communicate with them, and they with you. 
What will you say? 

For an opportunity to do so, keep it simple to get your message across. The telepathic airwaves are fill of energy with a lot of chattering all over the world - many thoughts going on, sent out - incoming. Enough to drive people mad! 

Too many words, too many questions, too long - in spirit talk/communication the message becomes complicated to decipher and answer especially in distressed states. 

Think when you've been wrapped up in grief, crying, (sobbing) and someone attempts to comfort you. Hard to hear them, isn't it? 

Over complicated messages are lost in translation. An example: "Oh (NAME), I'm so horribly lonely, I cry every night. Life is too hard without you. Why did you go?! How could you leave me?" 

Complaining has mixed emotions: "Daddy, Bobby is still the rotten brother he always was. I love him but, I hate how he is to me. I'm so sad without your shoulder. Can you help me?"  

What goes out? High pitch noises twirling through the ethers, sparking off other confused messages. 

Keep it simple. Like Twitter, don't use too many words, as a Morse code, tap, tap, repeat, tap, tap, repeat. Here are some helpful suggestions: In a quiet space - no phones -no pets - sit sit still, take some deep breaths.

Often when we want to talk with our dead we're crying, emotionally distraught - understandably so, but this won't help with getting your message across.

If you can, think of the person in a good light, perhaps a cheerful memory, or favorite photo. 
Keep the image in mind as you begin your simple clear message.

Start with a greeting. Sometimes in a  group spirit communication (seance) the medium asks a participant to call out her or his dead person's name, maybe even three times. You can can also do that. I.e. Mary, pause, Mary, (see her face), Mary.

Add a salutation: Mary, my love, Mary, Mom, Friend - hello, hi, it's me.

Mary, my love or Mary, hello love, it's me, (your name). 

Pause. Take a moment to gather in your emotions. It's often very emotional when communicating to those who have passed physically from our lives. Keep them upbeat as possible.

You might sense a presence, or an unseen hand on your arm, the room might chill or even a warmth spread across your heart.

Now to your purpose of communicating. You start with a question (usually does) or a statement. Keep the words brief and simple:

 I miss you. 
What is like where you are? 
Can you hear me? 
Are you pain free? 
Are you still with me? 
I love you.

Give a news update of your life: Your grand(son or daughter) is a happy kid, a smart one etc. Or, I did get that job like you said I would.

Pause. Wait for a few moments or longer, keep in mind a good memory, relax, smile, open your heart. Perhaps you will feel, hear, sense, or mentally see a response.

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