Saturday, August 27, 2016


I've had quite a few photographs taken over the years of my aura via Kirlian photography. One time even of my dog.

Auras readings give a lot of information about a person's well-being and/or conditions, moods. Reading an aura can inform or remind a person about any health issue.

Auras tell about the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy not only in people, but animals and nature. The energy can be seen in objects too as in a piece of jewelry.

I read the "energy" of places - the essence, the aura  - and often find if a spirit is in the place.

Here's one of my aura photographs. What do you read about my well-being and condition? My thoughts below, but first note your own.

In my novel, "The Skye in June", the main character, a child, reads auras.

About my read on the photograph above: the blueish/greenish on my right side and close to my head, tells I am accepting of the "voices" I receive during readings. Voices that give my personal information about a person I've never met before. The white on my left side is my great imagination as well as psychic energy that is divinely guided by a spiritual source outside my own intelligence - or mental understanding. This photo was taken during a most advancing time in my career as a psychic/medium and author. Because it is close to my physical self I was very involved with, and actively advancing my knowledge and meeting people from many parts of the US and the world.

My radio interview about aura can be found at readings by yerevan dot com. If this link doesn't open in your browser, cut and paste.

To see more photographs and learn about aura readings please read another of my blogs.

To learn about my books, ghost investigation youtube videos and me at to june ahern dot com. All my books are available at and some at - read reviews at those sites as well as and Barnes and Noble dot com.

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