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I have been involved in ghost hunts with a paranormal investigation group named The Haunted Bay: Paranormal SF and Beyond. During the ghost hunt of a San Francisco landmark, The Defenestration Building (closed in July, 2014), we met a ghost of a frightened young woman dressed in only a full slip. She rushed toward me and the filming crew covered in blood. Her terror and quickness made us backpedal to get away. Most likely she was a victim of murder. Although, I was the only one who saw and heard her mentally, the others felt the tension. The woman came only so far down the long hallway then the image of her running toward us repeated. She was stuck in the time and place of her terror. Later, the producer, Ying Liu and cinematographer, Matthew Abaya, returned with a camera to, hopefully, capture the ghost’s image. The photographs show orbits of light and flashing streaks. 
The investigators thought it was inconclusive evidence because they were looking for a figure, a complete form of the woman. For me it was proof because I’ve seen many similar photographs of spirits and ghosts taken with different cameras. This kind of white orb light or flashes of whitish light is common when photographing spirits and ghosts. It appears as though the movement of energy is captured. 
One viewer of the woman in the Defenstration video commented, “...the Polaroid (photos) are spooky…a silhouette of a girl on the lower left…there is a set of legs in the middle…(in the) Fight & Murder Hall…a face staring right at the camera and the presence behind us. I don’t know if it’s a bearded man or a long-haired woman…” Watch the video to decide for yourself if the shadows and lights are indeed an energy moving toward the camera crew. The Youtube video of The Haunted Bay: Paranormal SF and Beyond can be found here: The Defenestration Building. - Def1
A client sent me three clips of her security film taken on different nights of her living room and front door area. In it was her husband locking up for the night. As he turns to leave the room, some circles of light appear in the forefront of the film. He walks up the stairs, disappears and then more circles of lights appear. They float around the room. My client, thinking maybe there was a flaw in the camera/film showed them to the security company. No, they said that wasn't the problem, but were unsure what was. Just months before the client had called me in to help stop, what she thoughts was ghost activity in her home (not in this area filmed). She already had had the house cleaned by another medium, which had not brought relief to the annoyance. Once there, I knew what was going on was stronger than just one cleansing.

Only once did I witness an orb with my own eyes and right in the same room with me. A woman came to me for a past life regression through the means of hypnosis (I am a Certified Hypnotherapist). When she reached a state of relaxation a rather large, white ball appeared above her head. 
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