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Got  your mojo goin' on?

Mojo = your magic; supernatural ability to create; your unique style,charm and  magnetism to attract people, things, and situations to satisfy your visions and wants; to know power. Sexual prowess. 

Is your magic waning?  

Nowadays many of are caught up in the turmoil of the changing environs of the world and feel powerfulness to stop it becoming exhausted and defeated. 

If you've experienced this you've mojo needs a kick start. 

Besides your really groovy self, that meow,here I am power your mojo might include a magic charm; a talisman (a special object you considered to bring you good luck charm or has magical energy. This could be special ring or stone like a crystal. Some people carry a rabbit foot. For those with religious object it can be rosary beads, a bible - an object that connects a focus and feeling of support to come back into one's place of power and calmness.) 

 What is your talisman?

A mojo can be a spell; words spoken to invoke power to create just as a prayer has power to connect to a Divine Source to guide you.

Recover your mojo:

Begin by shutting out the world.Stop the constant mental running in a maze feeling and seeking the right answer, the right path. 


Be somewhere alone, if you can, in nature - anywhere, a park, your yard - and sit for a period of time. If your mind wanders to unhappy times -  even if you have to force yourself  - think of a time (one day perhaps) when you felt great! Just one time, one moment when you felt you had it going on. Think, feel and be in that moment. 

If there's activity surrounding you and your eyes dart here and there, close them and take 3 deep breaths, look at the greens around you or blue of the skies.

If you have brought a talisman, look at that or if not wanting to expose it, put it in closed hands. Reconnect to a magical wonder of the time you chose it. Reconnect to that childlike belief you can create magic - for you can.

Now, what are you creating? Or, wishes today? 

With your mind clear, your intentions set how will you create? 

Mojo magic words: a spell

Words are powerful: Prayer is good. Do it daily myself. And then there is a time for a most powerful creation - spells are strong mojos!

A spell is a clearly stated or decided; not vague or doubtful group of words to create. Often in prayer we are petitioning, asking - leaving the decision to a source outside ourselves. In spells we are connecting to sources outside ourselves and showing our willingness to be a strong part of the creation.  

There are powerful but easy spells to cleanse your energy. words that have deep meaning for attracting to you what you believe you need to be in power of your life.

mójo: Probably of Creole origin, cognate with Gullah moco ‎(witchcraft), Fula moco'o (medicine man). early 20th cent.: probably of African origin; compare with Gullah moco ‘witchcraft.’

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