Friday, May 29, 2015


So many of us love a good spooky ghost story!

What is your spookiest ghost encounter? 

Most unexplainable spirit visit?

Spook me!!!

Send me your ghostly encounter or spirit visitation that scared the bejesus out of you! If it gives me a chilly good read or piques my spirit encounter story interest, you will win a copy of my latest ebook, "How to Talk With Spirits: Seances, Mediums and Ghost Hunts." 

Plus, I'll post it on my blog for those, who like me, enjoy the thrill of the paranormal!Your name will be held in private to protect naughty ghosts' privacy.

The FREE winning ebook is available at Smashwords (check out their available ebook devices) or purchase at Amazon (link Amazon below) 

 Send your story through my website or june at sf coaching dot com.  See Links below.

Five star review book at and Amazon(some reviews below.) 

One of my spookiest ghost hunts excerpted from How to Talk With Spirits

It was July in the Caribbean––hotter than you know what! 
When I entered the home, I felt a chill
Photo courtesy of Jeff Kilma 
grow inside of me. Right away, I walked to a closed door and announced, “Here! Here is where they come in!” The husband flung open the door and I entered a hellish experience. The room felt like an ice locker although it was an old enclosed porch. It had been off, what I learned later, the original kitchen, which sat above an underground stream of water, a conduit for energies, good, bad or ugly. An odor like garbage rose from the floor and out of the walls. I couldn’t breathe. My energy faltered. I was dizzy. Slapped, punched, pinched––my body was attacked by unseen entities. I moaned and groaned, fought my ridiculous behavior. After all, I tried to tell myself I’m a practical psychic!  I started to fall. The man grabbed my arm and led me out. Once I was composed, he took me to meet his bedridden wife. As soon as I went into her room, growling came from her bedside. It wasn’t her, but something in the room I couldn’t see. I could see bruises on her face.. Suddenly, I was attacked again. It felt like wet towels stinging my face, my arms, and my body. Then I got angry, yelped in pain and screamed, “STOP IT YOU EVIL THINGS!” (to be cont'd. To read the ending send your story to win or purchase through links below.) 

LINKS: - one of my spookiest San Francisco ghost hunts

Amazon. "The book helped me with my sadness over the past 20 years from my mother's death. No one had a closer relationship than my mom and I. I was beside myself when she passed on. I did not go to see her at the hospital the night she died. For all these years I felt that she would not be happy with me. After reading June's book, it gave me an inner peace and calmed my heart." - Meg

Smashwords "I really enjoyed this book not only because I am interested in the paranormal, but because of the ease in which the author shares her knowledge of this subject. It truly is a practical guide for spirit communication, if you wish to do so. This book is also a great resource of information on the subjects of seances, mediums & ghost hunts." - Sherry

Goodreads  " a practical, information book on spirit communication and many other aspect of the dead. Talk about taking a often misunderstood and frightening,subject made to sound reasonable while remaining mysterious and sacred. Ms. Ahern certainly has the personal and professional experiece and knowledge to write an informative account about the spirits of the dead and ghost haunts. I really liked the chapter where she answers the many questions posed her from the "curious living."- Maria

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