Tuesday, March 17, 2015

NDE - Near Death Experiences

Since the publication of my book, How to Talk With Spirits I have been contacted by groups who investigate and are interested in my NDE. I hadn't realized how many are truly to interested in learning what is on the other side of life. 

Have you or someone you've known had a NDE and if so, did life change afterward as mine did for me? I had no idea that my life path would, in time, direct me to a most unique and interesting profession.
How it Began
In 1970, after a serious automobile accident and while in the ambulance, I expired for a moment and was subsequently revived. This was my first experience with spirit connection. For many years after this incident, I couldn’t talk about my profound experience of being on the other side. How could I explain I saw the light? How could I describe the ecstatic sense of pure joy and serenity unknown to me previously in this life?

Outside the crashed vehicle, a white light appeared to emanate from a woman standing close by. She stared at me intently through the windshield as I sat bleeding profusely from head and face injuries. Dazed, I looked back at her. Her presence was comforting and her face kind. Surrounded by a glow of light, she appeared to be clothed in all white. I felt loving warmth from the woman and thought I heard her say, “Don’t worry, it’ll be alright.” But that was impossible given the distance between us. Then the light enveloped me. Only I wasn’t led through a tunnel as others who have died and returned say they experienced. The next thing I recall was a policeman sitting in the driver’s seat next to me telling me to hang on. I knew he was talking to me but I couldn’t focus on him. All I could think about as blood poured onto my new coat bought for a first time date was how my clothes were ruined. It’s strange what bothers us in serious situations. I don’t recall being carried from the wreck to the ambulance or even the ride to the hospital.

With time, I remembered my journey to the other side. Once you have come back from the brink of death, you’re never quite the same. What happened during that time, how you felt, what you saw always remains vivid in your mind. I saw deceased relatives, some gone for many years. Some I only recognized because of old photographs in family albums. In a beautiful garden, they were laughing softly, their faces full of peace and love. A warm bright light surrounded the whole scene. An ornate white iron fence encircled the garden. I stood outside the fence, gazing at my happy grandparents, uncles and aunts. They watched me with big smiles. I felt peace and heartfelt love. Then they began to wave me away, cheerily saying, “Not now, June. Go back.”  
 My surgeon told me I was a lucky young woman because I expired in the ambulance for about twenty seconds. Twenty seconds that changed my life forever.
It was frightening and confusing for a nineteen year-old woman to see, hear and know facts about living and dead people. I fretted and wondered about these strange happenings. NDE, at this time, was rarely, if ever, discussed. People dismissed individuals such as myself with NDE experiences as delusional, fakes or odd. It was also a huge time of change both socially and politically. This may be why, in time, I accepted the fact my outlook on life was different. I could hear, see, feel, and even smell non-physical people as though if they were in front of me. And with acceptance came the desire to learn more about it.

Had I really been on the other side? Was it a miracle I came back? An opportunity for a second chance in life to do something meaningful I had not considered before?  Seeking information and education, I talked to numerous people who might have had, or knew someone with a NDE and perhaps like me saw and heard things which physically didn’t exist.

Fortunately since then, books such as Dr. Raymond Moody Jr.’s 1975 bestseller, Life After Life, and more recently Anita Moorjani’s 2012 To Heaven and Back validate and afford a kinder response to those who have experienced NDE. Reading Dr. Moody’s many case studies calmed my anxiety. I learned there were many individuals worldwide, and throughout history with similar experiences to mine.  
A survey in US News & World Report of March 1997 reported 15 million people have experienced NDE.

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