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Please note: Before my ghost walks I do not research or engage in any conversations where information of the site or history is given. I walk into the situation psychically clear and open.

The latest paranormal investigation I did was one of the most intense ghost bustings I've done since Jamaica in '96. Photos by Matthew Abaya of the room with the view - Top floor facing Sixth Street at the Hugo Hotel (The Defenstration Building). Scariest looking room in the building. #ghosthunt
Even I got spook (not easy to do) with a real frightening encounter toward the end of the walk - much more than my previous two part series Walk with a Medium in San Francisco's infamous Barbary Coast ( Photos below.

Along with Ying Liu, the producer of the The Haunted Bay, filmmaker and director Matthew Abaya (I Don't Care Productions), my husband and Haunted Bay crew member, Donny, we entered the Hugo Hotel better known as the Defenstration Building at the corner of Sixth and Howard Streets, San Francisco last Thursday. This building is as unique as they come.  

The art was created by artist Brian Goggin in 1997 and in July, 2014 will be demolished, the art work has been given away, sold or in the process of being sold. Read about this most interesting story of creation at link Metaphorm below.


THE WALK: The ground floor main room is still somewhat intact because artist had been gathering there for arty fun gigs. Some art and quite a few grand pianos are still there. In that room I conducted a protection blessing ritual with oils and incense for this particular event on all of us because the haunting in this location were intense and some, not very nice.

We checked our flashlights, cameras, audio, and put on our facemask (much debris and more reasons upstairs) before proceeding to investigate what spirits awaited us.

For days before I got to the building I psychically saw chaos - people running everywhere. Fire, the  building collapsing. I hadn't seen what else lurked in the belly of the building. In the basement dark shadows entities slithered and dashed here and there. I announced what I saw and Donny also saw them. Creepy.  To the others I explained about these entities - not really spirits of what had been a living physical person but products of low-grade or vampire entities. They seem to follow underground water energy. No one knew if there was any in that location. Ying will do the research and answer it on the upcoming video to be seen on 

The manager of the building came and unlocked the door leading to the four floors upstairs. Each floor is gutted with just frames of what had been rooms - many, rooms. Old bathtubs and toilets strewn around, glass, pulled up carpet. We walked up the four floors, very carefully, one at a time, the boards trembling beneath us.  Spooky.

I saw and heard on the psychic level chaos, crying, screaming & lively spirits plus pigeons flying around us  - all of this in the dark with a bit of comfort from the camera light and flashlights as we moved further into the scene. 

We encountered various spirits of some who lived in the building - a hotel and then a tenement house - from 1910 onward. Some were sad, some frightened, another cheery and one very outspoken! At each floor a spirit or two revealed her and himself. 

After a couple of hours we carefully we made o

ur way up to the roof to collect ourselves. 

The video will be out in a few months. You won't want to miss the ending! Holy Crap, do I really want to keep doing this? My heart was racing and I'm used to ghosts and spirit communication but....

All about ghost hunting Tuesday, July 1st at 9 :15 to 10 a.m. - streams live w/ Readings by Yerevan - where to look? how to get started? The different kinds of ghosts, spirits and other enities.  If you can't listen in but want to hear, comment & I'll let you know when the archives are available. 

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