Sunday, March 30, 2014

Coloring The Kids...

From the Indigo, Rainbow and Beyond the  Indigo books, I wonder what color was my kid?

What color was I in the 1950's?

And what the heck is it all about?

What color is your kid?

The color indigo is associated with the middle eye chakra, the left eye of Horus the Egyptian god and represents abstract information, intuition and the female principle.

The left eye is controlled by the right brain. The right side of the brain (and both sides do work together when in harmony and balance) is responsible for creative, intuitive thinking, feeling, and when using the Left Eye, female energy (the yin).

What does this mean for the Indigo Child? What is their roles in the world? How can and will they affect humanity?

In the book, The Indigo Children: The New Kids have Arrived, Carol Lee, it also includes how these children are very sensitive to diet and health care.

I'll talk more about that and other Indigo kiddie stuff on  Tuesday, April 1 - 9 to 10 a.m.  PST - a continuation of my talk about The Indigo Children and ESP on radio  Kows107-3.

The archive to the first show can be found at Readings by Yerevan
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In my novel, The Skye in June, my main character, a precocious little red-head, naturally has dietary likes and dislikes.
Annie, sitting on the outside of the booth, repeated the birthday girl’s order.
The waitress nodded wearily, confirming it, “Yeah okay, hon. Cheese on white. Milkshake.”
June hadn’t eaten fried food or meat for the past year. She told her sisters it was bad to eat dead animals. At first her mother fretted her youngest wouldn’t grow properly without meat. But she finally accepted nothing would budge the girl’s decision, especially after June had refused the family’s favorite Friday dinner of fish and chips because it was cooked in lard made of animal fat. Besides June’s food dislikes, she had a list of noises, smells, and other things that adversely affected her senses. Her sisters would just roll their eyes and call her a kook.

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