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Rusty and me, 1985, Pacifica, CA

Who has inspired you to venture further with your talents and abilities?

One of my greatest, supportive and inspiring persons was Rusty Dennis. A sister Gemini born May 29th.

Rusty Dennis aka Florence Steinberg Tullis was a student, client and friend of mine . You might remember her as the mother of Rocky whose story was portrayed in the movie, "Mask". She and  I spoke often about spirit communication. We made contact with Rocky, her youngest son's spirit, and later after her eldest son, Joshua, passed we contacted him.
Joshua and I met at Rusty's home on Mission Street in San Francisco.

When Joshua became very ill and was hospitalized Rusty and I went to visit him at SF General Hospital to give him a healing energy.  The little time we spent together I learned he was a kind and gentle man.

Rusty would have loved how popular my latest book, "How to Talk With Spirits: Seances, Mediums, Ghost Hunts" has become. She was very much interested in parapsychology and paranormal subjects and a great supporter of my metaphysical and psychic work.

Rusty didn't complain. She didn't feel sorry for herself. When people would offer their sympathies for the "lost of her sons" she would say, "They're not lost. They're dead. I know where they are."

She had taken several classes from me; Beginners and Advance Tarot and ESP Development. Rusty was very advanced psychically and as a student would be considered at the top of her class - plus we had a lot of fun.

She encouraged me to bring my psychic talents and teaching skills south to Los Angeles, California where she lived. Once there, Rusty introduced me to many of her friends to set-up lectures and readings.  She truly was a gifted psychic reader.

Rusty, SF Whole Life Expo Psychic Reader
When I was scheduled to read at The Whole Life Expo SF I invited her to join me. She was nervous, not having read outside the classes. Her confidence grew as people left happy with her readings.  read too. Later in LA she invited me to be her guest lecturer where she also was giving a talk and do  readings at a psychic fair.

Rusty was one hellva woman! One tough lady and a real kick! A few times we clashed, but she was only testing me to see what she could get away with. That was Rusty! Not only were we both Geminis,  but also had a great interest in and studied the metaphysics and occult. We also both had motorcycles and a love for funky old trucks, faster cars, and younger men! LOL.

Once while I was visiting her in Los Angeles, CA we were driving to a psychic readers event in her VW bug and got into a disagreement.  It was over windblown hair. Because it was so hot and with no air conditioner in the car, I opened the window. Rusty didn't want her hair to get messed up (yes, she was quite vain) and demanded I close the window. I said, "No." She came back with "Get out the car." I said, "Pull over."

In LA there's nary a bus and we were miles from her house. "How you gonna get back to my place?"  I said, "Don't you worry about that." She laughed loudly at my retort. Yes, she liked that I was tough too. We drove on and soon were talking about other things than messy hair dos.

When I wrote my first book, she loved being a part of it. I'd pass by some thoughts and share the chapters as it came along. Below is her endorsement (first published as "A Professional Psychic Reading as Alternative Counseling)" reprinted in 2011 under the title,  The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading:

"I have been inspired by June’s ability to awaken the awareness of many people and to train them to use their metaphysical gifts productively. Her readings and classes allowed me to recognize my own gifts and taught me how to utilize them effectively. Now I successfully do reading and healing for others. June is a loving and knowledgeable person. We could all benefit through the information she shares with us."

Rusty and my son, Daniel 1986
There was always plenty of laughter, and I received great insights from her readings. Rusty liked kids. She was kinda a big kid herself.

I know you love that people remember you, Rusty, you ham! I can hear her laughing with me.

Rusty remains ALIVE! In spirit - be bold, be tough, be yourself and she was all of that to the end.

Yes, Rusty inspired me to stay adventurous, to enjoy the wild ride of life with humor and boldness.

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