Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When people learn I'm a witch they curiously and at times, humorously ask if I cast spells - bad spells they are mostly interested in. Not bad spells although at times I've had to do a turn around or banishing or binding spell. Very seldom though because I do believe and have a negative backlash when the one time, in anger, I cast an angry red hot spell. Once burned....and I was warned not to do it! Periodically I do cast spells to advance a project, like for my books. Magic continues to swirl around The Skye in June as well as my first book self-published, The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading. . In 1990 a tarot reading revealed that The Timeless Counselor would lead to more writing success. If you don't know it is very challenging and difficult to make any money as an author, and especially a self-published author. My first book led to the writing of my second. I knew the difficulties but believed that I could sell it. Both my books have continued to sell. The Skye in June has sold every month since it's release -well I did do a glamour spell on that one! And surprise! I found it at this site http://thebookorbust.blogspot.com on the top 500 Indie books selling. That's right! My amazon and smashword reviews of both books are overwhelmingly five stars. So, tonight I will sit at my altar and give my thanks to the Moneta the goddess for my good fortune and cast a spell to continue to attract book lovers to my book. Blessed be.

What do you want to cast a spell for?

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