Tuesday, April 20, 2010


There are other terms used for creating magic; creative visualization and manifestation is one as is, where there is a will there's a way.

But even with the will there must be clarity of purpose.

As a life coach one of the first things I ask a new client (and also present ones creating new goals) is tell me about it. All about it. What you see, hear, feel, sense - how your goal looks, how you feel moving toward it and also, perhaps achieving it. If my client is not clear or, I cannot see it (and I am an open person with a good visual sense) then that goal is not clear.

This clarity is also true when creating magic and that is why the process of preparing for the creation whether that be a spell or a vision board (a goal map) or even journaling about it, is so important.

If you are creating through a spell there are "tools" and other useful items to collect. You want your space to have a relaxing, mysterious and magical energy. Therefore a few candles and incense will add to the ambiance. And according to your particular spell you might gather other objects like a photo of what you are doing, a piece of jewelry that represents your own energy, a plant to grow things, like money or flowers representing the blooming of your enterprise.

All in all be as clear as you can about what it is you want, name it - I create more money, say - see how your life will be with that money - write your statement several times to concrete your commitment and with a smile, create.

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