Thursday, May 4, 2017



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Remember, when you cast a spell you can use words that hold YOUR magic, what you wish to create. If you find a word (s) that you wish to use instead of what is below, use it! Spells like affirmations and prayers hold your personal energy.

Find a quiet, clean space. Turn off phones.

create an altar, simple or elaborate - place objects, flower (s), crystal(s), photo(s), candle(s), a glass of water to look into and vision, incense of your choice.

This spell is to open up "space" for you to know there are many life experiences to have and it's time to recover your passion for the new.

For this spell a yellow candle is suggested (yellow as the sun).  And, if you have a tarot deck, the Sun would be a lovely addition on your altar.

Say Aloud:
The sparks of passion glows,
my field is poised for growth,
as the knowledge of the past  
brings me into the future
I reopen my flow to the universe,
I call in the power of creation 
and reconnect to it with ease.
My energy grows, my power glows,
life and light are with me.
I remerge for the greater good
in a current of abundance.
So Mote it Be.
And so it is.

Sit in stillness and enjoy the glow of the candle, the scents, your altar, relax and image a good, healthy future. When you are done remember to "snuff" out your candle so not to blow away the magic.

Excerpt From Simple Spells for Success by Barrie Dolnick


Renee Albera said...

Your Glam Spell really works, so I am going to try this one too!

June Ahern said...

So glad to hear back, Renee! This one is lovely for regaining a sense of who you truly are. Let me know! Give it time though. Unlike the Glam spell this one will develop over a period of days or weeks even. Once you've done it, leave it alone. In spell casting it's called, "Don't look back" meaning you've already said what you are creating, it's working (maybe not in your time) so go on and let the magic continue to grow.