Friday, February 24, 2017


Dreams can and do connect you to your loved ones that have passed. Here is my recent experience:

I dreamt about a 10-11 year old girl who had died. I looked at her young, serene face and felt grieved. Then my father appeared in my dream. He died 30 years ago and haven't dreamt of him in a long time. 

In the dream I said, "There's a little girl coming over. Will you greet her and help her feel loved?" 

He replied, "Yes, I know. She's with me and I love her."

When I woke-up I reflected on that dream. Simple, clear while having a strong message. 

My mother died five months ago at the age of 96. My father wasn't an easy husband. About a few years back she had said,  "I don't want to die because I don't want to see your father." She was still angry with him.

They had a long marriage and knew each other since she was 12, and he, 16 - he was best friend's with her brother. My father was strong-willed and aggressive, my mother a gentle, sunny soul.

Before my mother died (I write about this glorious vision in my book, “How to Talk With Spirits: Séances,Mediums, Ghost Hunts”), I had a vision of her 10-11 years of age, an image later supported by an old photographed. She crossed over as that young girl image. I would learn that a niece also had a very similar vision.

My dream comforted me they are together, bathed in loving support. She has found peace.

Dear readers, after a loved one has passed and you wish for communication pay attention to your dreams. He or she will no doubt make a connection with you. And why? It's easier than when you are in an awakened state. If you think that spirits do not communicate but you dream of a dead person, I hope at least it's a comforting source.

I cover more about this and how to communicate with spirits in my book. In my novel, "The Skye in June", a young character has spirit visions.

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