Tuesday, December 27, 2016

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THE SKYE IN JUNE -An Immigrant Story

"The Skye in June" is different than any book I have read before, which is such a plus in this day of cookie cutter market paperbacks. - Jessica, Goodreads Review


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Set in Glasgow, Scotland, and San Francisco during the mid-fifties to early days of the 1960's.

"The Skye in June" - Not since author Amy Tan's early writings has a woman's voice so strongly resonated from one of San Francisco's most famous neighborhoods. Ahern's powerful coming of age tale is a must read for anyone interested in the drama and complexities of what it might be like growing up psychic. - Jim Toland, Author of "Fire and Fog"

The MacDonald's emigrate to San Francisco after a family tragedy. They arrive in one of San Francisco's best known neighborhoods known now to many as "The Castro. The girls come of age during the early days of the colorful circa 1960's. This story reaches over three generations of the family and the challenges they encounter as immigrants in San Francisco and their bond and how it changes over the years. It is a story of acceptance and reconciliation, and the world of mysticism.  A book for the young and older reader this story is a slightly veiled autobiography written in a fictional framework.

June MacDonald, the red-hired youngest child of the Scottish family, has a uniqueness that attracts unusual people. Jimmy, the father, is overbearing, and often cruel to his wife and children. Cathy, the mother, is lost in her unhappiness and memories of a past sins she cannot reconcile. June along with her three sisters are lively, funny, and rebellious as they find ways to deter their father's control over them. The family implodes when June is drawn into the world of mysticism. Each girl struggles to rise above Jimmy's abusiveness, while Cathy wavers at protecting her children or staying under Jimmy's thumb.  Ultimately it is June and Cathy who must resolve the sins of the past and move forward for the family to heal.

Thank you, The Author.

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