Tuesday, December 6, 2016


"When flower power turns into fire power" 

- Deidre M. Murphy

City of Redemption - a Novel by June Ahern

Posted 12/6/16 Time Limited.

Flower power ignites into firepower when a lonely young woman entangles herself in a treacherous plot and murder during the Summer of Love. 

Kidnap, murder, drugs, and love. 

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The Haight/Ashbury also appears in my first novel, The Skye in June. Yes, I was part of the '60's Haight scene in San Francisco and write with the experience of the times and people who helped change society's rules. Hippies, Panther's, Hell's Angels - riding through the Haight, love, protests, and violence all wrapped into the times.

More about the story below.

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It is 1983 and Liz MacKay waits for parole for the murder of former roommate, Ricky Martinez. Is she guilty? Or is she serving time for another’s crime? 

In 1967, partly to blame for her young son's death and abandoned by her husband, Liz Mackay flees Scotland in disgrace, hoping for a second chance at love and life. She arrives in San Francisco during the Summer of Love to lose herself among the groovy people. She joins a commune; a curious mix of Black Panthers trying to change the world, a Vietnam vet seeking inner peace, a flamboyant hairdresser ready for fame and love, a flower child and her drug dealer boyfriend who changes girlfriends often. At first, Liz is happy to have found a welcoming home, but as her new roommates pry into her mysterious past Liz's search for a "jolly good time" brings more grief and a worsening drug addiction. Liz is unwittingly drawn into the dark underbelly of violence and addiction with a callous drug-dealer and a treacherous plot to bring down the Black Panthers. Her unlikely friendship with Black Panther Toni Bordeaux, leads Liz to redemption for her shameful past.

The strong plot and dialogue of "City of Redemption" exposes the seldom seen seedy side of the Summer of Love. It is a vividly recounted story of lies, betrayal, sex, drugs and murder takes place during an unforgettable time and place in history. 

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