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Excerpt from

Chapter: One 
Questions from 
the Curious Living

June Ahern

With my over forty years experience as a psychic medium, I answered many questions posed to me by numerous people in this chapter. The ebook is available at, and Barnes& Paperback: Createspace, Amazon or autographed & mailed in USA through me, 

• Can pets that have passed away communicate with us? Yes. We animal lovers dread the moment when our beloved pets––our companions––die. We fear our pets are lost to us forever. The grief can be as powerful as when we lose a person. Communication from a pet can be just as emotional as with the spirit of a human loved one and the reasons we want contact with them is the same. We want to know if they made the transition okay. Are they pain free? Do they miss you like you miss them? 
When people ask me if pets can communicate with them after death. I assure them contact and communication with your pets can be made. 
Your pet can appear to you spontaneously. It might be when you think all connection is lost as I did in my grief of my beloved dog. 
I had the strangest experience (even for me, a medium) a year after my beloved pet, Phoebe, died. 
She was a lovely white Standard Poodle and although slowed down a bit at sixteen year-old, as graceful and beautiful as ever. 

Phoebe and I spent almost our time together––24/7 as it is said. She had come into my life unexpectedly when I was at a low point and taught me to trust again and be more patience and understanding. 
When she died and although there was another dog in the house, an adorable pit bull named Gunner, I grieved heavily the loss of Phoebe in my life. 
One day while walking Gunner, a tall, slender blonde woman, dressed in all white walked toward us. Later, when recounting the story, I would say she reminded me of Darryl Hannah. As the young woman passed us she smiled sweetly and said, “Don’t you know me? I’m Phoebe.” I was so stunned I continued to walk on, unable to digest what just occurred. At some point I turned to looked back and saw no one––the woman had disappeared.  Could Phoebe really have returned as a human? Was she truly an angel as she had been to me in life and returned to remind me, animals spirits to live on? I choose to believe Phoebe was indeed an angel in human form that manifested as a dog to help me heal emotionally a love heartbreak. 
Our pets teach us so much, don’t they?

(CON'T) How to communicate with your pet advice. 
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This is a lovely story. Thank you for recounting it for us )0(