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How to find a psychic reader?

Finding a reputable, honest and gifted psychic reader isn't always easy.  My book "The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Reading" is a complete consumer's guide.

In it you will learn how to query the psychic reader before making your appointment: The best way can be recommendations. Even when recommended, ask the person about her or his experience. What did she or he find most rewarding and interesting about the reader? But don't just take the recommendation that this is the best reader for you and will fulfill your expectations.  For example ask the potential reader if you can record the session - and the way she (he) is paid plus much more.

Finding a reader: If you know no one or do not wish anyone to know you want a psychic reading, there are other ways to find one. I write about how to find in my book, how to find and interview a psychic reader.

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Even though my name is spelt incorrectly: The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to... by jellybean85 » 17 Oct 2015, 4 out of 4 stars.

Psychic June Ahern gives readers tips on how to get a proper psychic reading in detail about everything a person needs to know before getting a psychic reading. What I liked most about Ahern’s book is how she emphasized the importance of research before going to a psychic; how to find a psychic, and why it’s important to call ahead and ask questions before making an appointment. Ahern offers a list of questions to ask the psychic about their procedures, resources on how to find psychics and delves into the different types of fortune telling used by psychics. Overall, it was a good book and Ahern opened my mind up about the world of psychics.

Ahern discusses the various fortune telling methods, how to find a psychic, and what to expect when you get a reading. Ahren uses her experience as a psychic to help others get the best psychic reading they deserve. What I loved most about the book is how she opens your eyes up to the world of psychics. Ahren debunks the myths about psychics and sheds light on what goes on at a reading, and why it’s important that people do their research before going to a psychic. Many people think you just visit a psychic and get a glimpse into your future. But thanks to Ahern, she debunks that theory and points out there’s much more to psychic readings. The important piece of advice she gives readers is that they play an important part in making their future predictions come true. Sure, the psychic sees the future, but unless the customer does something to help, then the prediction isn’t going to come to fruition. One example Ahern gives in the book is how she told a client they’d advance in their career, yet when the opportunity arose they didn’t do anything about it. Months later when they client came back they were upset with her prediction, but when Ahern questioned them about any job offers they realized they passed up their opportunity. 

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