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 To listen to this fun, eerie song on youtube click the link above or see link below.

I was a kid when this song came out and I really liked it then, as I do now. We'd stroll along in lines. What's the message in it? Like is the guy dead and strolling where?

I think they'd stroll the grounds seeking company, looking for loved ones. What do you think?

Graveyards - are they spooky to you? I like them in the light of day.  Daytime they are peaceful, pretty and a good place to have a restful walk. I visit graveyards all over,wherever I travel. Reading the headstones, wondering about the families. Just being there in spirit with the spirits.

A nighttime... oh boy!t Kinda spooky - but then night does that, right? Brings out our senses more - on alert!

If you go to a graveyard to conjure up a spirit or two, take a flashlight, take an ID in case the groundskeeper demands to know what you're up to? Like he won't know, right? Take a cell phone in case of an emergency, like some drunken big dude runs into you or .... a dead man strolling. 

 If you do want to visit a graveyard at night and do some ghost hunting check out my ebook, "How to Talk with Spirits: Seances, Mediums, Ghost Hunts" for more tips and ideas.

Chapter 10 in the book gives you a sacred sweet Halloween Ritual to honor your dead and hopefully connect with them. All Hallows Eve or Halloween and November First, are sacred times for many throughout the world to honor the dead. The Celts and Mexicans honor their elderly, ancestors, and the dead with special rituals and celebrations on those days.

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