Thursday, April 9, 2015


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In my mirror I see so many of thee from Eastern Europe and let's include Brazil, coming to my page and then I realize the why in that.
Those comprising my space must know - if you can read English - that I am a witch, I do cast spells and quite frankly, rather focused on having good results.

For those who are foes and behave with malice - yeah, I know you're in dire straights, still...

Stealing is mean, stealing is wrong and stealing does cost you...more than me and by the way, it didn't work as you hoped for...

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So my thieving readers The Banshee descends upon thee:

 Casting a protection spell: those who enter with false pretensions, balls will fall, dicks hang - what a joke! she will laugh;  bellies will ache and hands will twitter with electrifying pain. Enjoy the appealingly silliness of it all. Time will prove that energy travels rather speedily across the ocean waters.

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