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Image: Captain Hubert C. Provand, Brown Lady of Raynham Hall (alleged ghost photograph

What do you want to know about spirit communication and ghost encounters?  

Questions from the Curious Living answered in my newest book, "How to Talk With Spirits: Séances•Mediums•Ghost Hunts", an informative and practical guide to an unusual and often, unacceptable subject. Also read about my most memorable ghost encounters and hauntings by murder victims.

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Goodread Review: 5 stars: 'The book helped me with my sadness over the past 20 years from my mother's death. No one had a closer relationship than my mom and I. I was beside myself when she passed on. I did not go to see her at the hospital the night she died. For all these years I felt that she would not be happy with me. After reading June's book, it gave me an inner peace and calmed my heart.'
Have you ever given incorrect information about a spirit? And if so, what do you do to correct it? I have given incorrect information. This is why I ask my clients to know as much as possible about the spirit. Then, we can validate what I receive is from the spirit whom they wish to contact. If the information doesn’t make sense to the client, I still deliver the message. Its significance might come to the person later. If it is during a séance, it might be meant for someone else there. I always told clients not all spirits will talk because you ask, and not all spirits will talk through me. If we attempt to contact the spirit and my information is not familiar to the client, I say, “Sorry, that’s all I’m getting at this time.”
For private psychic readings, clients whose sole purpose was to contact the dead were warned it might not happen. Séance attendees were told not all would get a message or the message they hope for and not all spirits would come through (more in Chapter 7, Séances). Still, I hoped for the best. To correct any error, I could only say I was deeply sorry if the information caused pain, more grief and sorrow.
The most important and painful misinformation from a spirit occurred during my first case with the police. It was the murder of a woman in her home, which went unsolved for many years. Over the period of a few nights, I had a series of dreams in which I was more than a witness––I was the victim of murder. The terror was heart stopping! During the first dream, I literally saw, heard and felt the attack on the woman. At the front door, a hooded, masked killer all in black and gloved pushed his way into the house. The woman fought back vigorously as he bludgeoned her to death. I saw the steel rod in his hand go up and down repeatedly. Helpless to stop it, I writhed in pain and fear as her chilling screams rang sharply in my head. (TO BE CON'T IN THE BOOK)
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