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                                             BE A STORYTELLER
                            I LOVE TO TELL A STORY, DON'T YOU?

Your life holds an interest to family now and in the future. Future generations will enjoy learning about how life was "back in the day" (when you lived) and some most likely identify themselves with you.

Leave your legacy

I recommend you journal about your life as a youngster, young to middle-aged adult and when the time comes, a senior. Tell about your first memory, how you felt going to school, about what you liked, were good at, not so good at and talk about your health. It's good to know what makes up our ancestors, body, mind, heart and spirit.

In time to come when I no longer walk this earth those of my future family will know some facts about me. I'm an author of four books. Each hold a piece of my personal values and outlook of life at various stages. In them I share my life history, even when viewed without a fictional story. My paranormal and parapsychology books will reveal my psychic life as a professional readers and medium: the joys, wins and tribulations, my work with the police and meeting ghosts and spirits.

My first book, a consumer's guide, non-fiction "The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading", opened up doors to a different level professionally. I was on the TV show, "People Are Talking" as well as many a radio talk interview.  The other non-fiction is the a popular glimpse into the paranormal world, "How to Talk with Spirits: Seances, Medium, Ghost Hunts." Many of my personal experiences with spirits and ghosts are told in it and historical buildings events validated when records could be found. Learn more about San Francisco's past!

In the future there might be a child born into my family who has psychic abilities like me and my words can guide and comfort her/his grandmother, great-mother etc was as she/he is. My family can also enjoy seeing me live as I ghost investigate (Youtube -- if it's around) The Haunted Bay and Beyond.

My first novel, "The Skye in June" is about a psychic child, a little girl, and the challenges she must face. It also includes history about Glasgow, Scotland and being an immigrant. San Francisco during the 1950's and early days of the changing environs in the '60's. My heritage of born in Scotland, raised in San Francisco will learn about society at that time.

A goal is "The Skye in June" will become an audio book before I depart this planet. Many readers have asked for it. They want to hear the Scottish burr, enjoy the slang of the '50's, learn about San Francisco's "The Castro" before it was coined so. Do you know the proper name of that district? The famous store in that area? It's all in the story. The movie theater still thriving where most the neighborhood children spent on Saturdays? On you can read a sample of the book.

My second novel, "City of Redemption", also opens in Glasgow, Scotland 1966 before moving onto groovy San Francisco, 1967.  I wrote it as a screenplay for a Scottish actress I met in Hollywood (yes, actually that part of L.A. area). Afterward, I created a novel from the screenplay. The dark underbelly of the Summer of Love is exposed with Blank Panthers, sex, murder, and rock n' roll, of course! This too is a historical fiction and my future generation relatives will see how life was for me as a young woman growing up in  at that time. As I say, I was a product of my environment. Let the future family decide what they means for themselves.

What about you? What history of your life will you leave your future family? You can print a few copies or leave an ebook. It will become part of your legacy.

Take time to start your personal history book for telling your story has meaning.

tap, tap, I hear your keyboard working.....

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