Sunday, December 21, 2014


I like words. Words are powerful. They hold energy! 

Words magically create a vision, provoke an emotion and motivate a thought.

When I find a word of interest in a book or hearing it, I roll it around my tongue silently, trying it out, whisper it into a silent room raising my voice my voice until it's spoken aloud, and as mother always advised, 'Don't use a word if you do not know it's meaning or how to spell it." 

Jolly caught my attention a couple of years ago. Not that I didn't know it, just didn't use. Seemed so silly to say,  "I'm having such a JOLLY good time!" until I played with the word.

Silly, jolly ol' me giggling away in different languages and tones, "I'm having such a jolly good time!"

Jolly: Full of humor; exhibiting or occasioning happiness or mirth; cheerful! To amuse oneself with humorous banter.

A magical image of ho ho ho belly laugh, silly giggly kids...

Enjoyed the word so much I gave it to Liz MacKay, my main character in my novel, City of Redemption   (A Novel about when Flower Power Explodes into Fire Power)

Liz is a lonely young woman, hiding her sorrowful past. When asked why she came to San Francisco (during the Summer of Love) she quips, “I guess like all the rest that come to San Francisco…just tripping around.” 
“Ain't we all just tripping.” Toni waited a second before asking, “Nothing else interest you here?”
“Nope. Just a jolly good time!” Liz said with finality.

Seemed so right for the lying Scot to please her inquisitor.

Choose your words carefully when you are creating your future experiences, attracting relationships and fulfilling goals.

How you speak reflects your intent of purpose, your confidence and clarity of your creations. When writing and speaking affirmations, prayers and spells use words in a short sentence to show you are powerful and clear about your intentions. Say aloud three times each sentence to experience where the power is for you.
    "I'm becoming jolly."    or     "I am jolly!"  

Which held a greater sense of being in the present? 

More on words next blog as preparation for a New Year 2015.

Have a Jolly Good Holiday Time even for a moment of life.

My prayers each day go to all in our world living in sadness, fear and disharmony.

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