Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Abracadabra!! The magic word to open doors!

Doors leading to riches. You enter into a place and time where your wish, wants and dreams are seen.

 Most have heard or even spoken the word abracadabra and think magic happens when you do.

At this New Year time you can open new doors to create and manifest your magic - your dreams and visions (ritual below) that fulfill you, make you feel happy and successful. Please know you can do this ritual/spell at any time you're ready to open the doors to new enlightenments, adventures and opportunities.

The word abracadabra is indeed a magical one. It has several thoughts of origin: Aramaic:  "I create as I speak"

Avra kedabra" means "Creating as speaking" a thought in reference to God creating the universe by speaking. Alternative spelling, avda K'Davarah - "I transgress as I speak."

Other thoughts; from the Semitic languages and Hebrew [A]bracadabra as an abbreviated forms of the Hebrew words Ab (Father), Ben (Son) and Ruach A Cadsch (Holy Spirit).

No one can say for sure. (more about abracadabra

What we do know - it's a fun, magical and powerful word. Experiment with it - say aloud three times, close your eyes to see what thoughts, visions, and/or feelings come to you.

It can be used in a New Year Vision and Ritual:

Gather paper and pen, a fire safe container, matches or lighter, a candle (color of your choice), an article you are willing to give or throw away and a place to sit undisturbed.

Start with making room for new.

Goodbye 2014 (or whatever year is ending)! What do you wish to put aside, let go off, stamp "done"?
It can be a habit physical or metal - a way of thinking. An action that brings no positive rewards/results (drama, apathy etc)? An emotion hurting you over and over.  Maybe a person or thing taking up space.

Light your candle, and write make a list of what you are leaving behind (not taking into The New Year.)

When complete say aloud, "I willing release (read the list)" Then say, "Amen" or "So Mote it Be" (somewhat like amen, more as "That's the truth"), fire up that list - light it from the candle and burn it in your fire safe container.

Take the object you are giving or throwing away and say, "I release all and any unnecessary things and/or persons that no longer constitute positive growth for me." Place it by the front door (to be gone soon) or in the garbage bin.

                                                             NEW BEGINNINGS

Now sit quietly in your space, breathe deeply (glad to be free of) and relax, watch your candle flame flicker or close your eyes.

Image you are standing at a door, closed or slightly ajar.

When you are ready, say aloud, "ABRACADABRA! OPEN!" 3 x imagine the door opens, perhaps you see someone or something on the other side or not, next step through the door...imagine your dreams, wishes and visions manifest in front of your mind's eye. Do not discount what you see, do not judge or fear what you see and/or hear - just for a moment, keep an open heart and mind.

When you are finished you may write what you saw, thought, felt and experienced, nothing is too small or big.


Snuff out the candle. Within a few days take the ashes from your release list to bury or throw it in a moving body of water. Place the paper with what you experienced through the door where you can readily access throughout the New Year as a reminder you are growing and changing to be more truly who you are.


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Tuesday, January 6, 2015 Yerevan and I will talk about the energy of 2015. internet radio.


my... name... is... DAVID said...

This was placed for me to see. Words with for me too hear. Wisdom for me to gain. Ritual for me to change.

Let the flowers bloom Saturday to be enjoyed at the dawn. Reap love. Real life. Reap abundance.

Remember. No don't forget. Remember the lessons. Remember the trials. These are the guides.

Go. Do. Be.

From this day forward, Avra kedabra Avra Kedabra to all of my plans.

June Ahern said...

Thank you, David for your comment because I just had to reread the article and had fun saying abracadabra! three times. I laughed at the second time and the third a door opened. I saw so many loving people, those gone from my life and in it still. I saw a bright light and hear, "June, it's all about love." Not about getting any possession or title or anything. Love. Peace and joy