Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Going to a psychic reading unprepared is like going on a road trip with no thought of where you're going or why. 
Hop in the car just drive where? North? South? East? West? 
And then stop to ask for directions. When asked, "Where are you going?" you reply, "Don't know. You tell me."
You keep control of where you are going, what you want from a psychic reading. 

BE PREPARED BEFORE you go to your reading for the best results. 
Even before you chose a reader (book will explain why), write down questions to ask the reader by first asking yourself, why do you want a reading? Is it clarity about a relationship? Future visions from her or him about a job? Health, do you want a reader to look at your aura and see if there is a health issue?
What kind of information will be most helpful to you? 
Once you have your questions written down, look them over to prioritize (no doubt you will have a set time for the reading.)
What are your top three questions at the present time? 
The day of the reading, are they still the top 3? 
Those are just some examples to get the most from a psychic -  - your money's worth that is!
My great consumer's guide The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading gives you what you need to know to get the most from psychic reading, the different types of psychic readings and much, much more!
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