Sunday, August 17, 2014


My horse Luna
My horse taught me to go beyond my psychic communication abilities.

Along with talking to the dead, and giving psychic readings for humans I also communicate with animals on occasion. The care take (aka owners) are always happily amazed with the details and what the animal wants us to know.

Sparrow and Red Play time
Recently I talked to a herd of horses. There were about a dozen grazing and playing in a field. I moved around them. Some were not so chatty, intent on grazing and/or chasing away another horse that might want to graze, but some had a lot to say!

A mare wasn't happy with having to train. Yes, said the barn trainer, that horse had been the princess at her home and came to learn some manners! I said, good luck and you better let her know that you mean business.

Another mare liked bling! I described a shinny metal, what I thought was a saddle piece, turned out it was the caretakers sweatshirt that had shinny metal buttons. The horse always nosed them. Plus that horse liked to showboat. Again, affirmed the horse used to ride in parades.

A beautiful grey young gelding showed me he felt divided.  Yes! the trainer said, he is divided between two owners. He didn't like that and felt confused.

More about talking to animals and what you can expect to Tuesday 8/19/14, 9:10 to 10 a.m. PST radio show streams. Listeners can email a question about their pet(s) and I'll choose a few to address. Email: skyeinjune at yahoo dot com. 
Listen in archieves about a week after the show at yerevan dot com - look for achieves - past shows and then June Ahern.

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