Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Witch and The Stag are Alive!

Witch June with Stag Hubby Wedding Day 2006
                                                   Having our cake and eating it too!

The heat is on!  Viva la Passion!

April 30th is Beltain (Beltane) and continues into May 1st. This is a sacred holiday with festivities celebrating the power and sacredness of sexuality. It's a wild dance of raw sex and passion with a ritual including a stage. That stag ain’t in the deer family. Of course, he’ll wear horns as he ruts around the bushes in hopes of finding hidden maidens. Even the crones become maidens for the holiday weekend.  

Sex is healthy! It brings life. I'm not just talking about the physical act (go ahead think of that too) - but how sexuality awakens passion that fuels the rocket to new adventures. The fire energy of sexuality of hopes, dreams, and images of what is to be–– anything that you wish to bring alive, to breath new energy into, now is the time to put energy into it.

Sex creates a passion response, giving a lift to one’s step. Sex can turn into love. Sex is delightfully naughty at times. One feels young, silly and even kinky thoughts invade the practical logical brain.

Aphrodite, April's goddess of love and death reigns over the heat of the celebration. The name rooted in the verb aperire, meaning “to open.” The goddess is often pictured depicted naked with her hands pointing to her genitals to remind us of the passage through which we came into the world.  Live your passion, dance, laugh, eat and be merry!

May's Earth Mother goddess Maia nurtures and keeps safe that which has been created and keeps it growing.  Enjoy the Mother Nature's symphony of beauty -  blooming, colorful flowers and luscious fruits - juicy, red strawberries - yum!! enjoy the succulent juice.

Spend time in sensual nature. It will calm your busy nerves, dreams will emerge with clear messages. Have a massage, and dig it! Feel your blood rushing to the boundaries of your skin. Wear red, hot pinks, deep passionate purples and big dots and stripes – just for fun

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