Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Goddess of the Dawn - Ēostre


The Art of Christopher Bell  Otherworld illustrations

Easter is said to have to come to us from the “Norsemen’s Eostur, Eastar, Ostara, and Ostar, and the pagan goddess Eostre, all of which involve the season of the growing sun and new birth.

The German goddess, also known as Ostara or Anglo-Saxon Eástre, brings in the dawn of rebirth, a time to feel the warmth of spring, to awaken to a new time, to feel the joys of the eternal rebirth of the season and within ourselves. 

The tradition springtime painted hard-boiled eggs pre-dates Christianity. In many cultures around the world, the egg is a symbol of new life, fertility and rebirth.  

The artist click this link  and about the pagan goddess

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Happy Roll to You! Let's see what treasures your cracked egg reveals.

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