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In the moon light, on a magic night

All the moonlight, on a magic night

Can I just have one more moondance with you, my love?

Van Morrison’s Moondance

The moon is greatly revered by a witch. She (or he) is connected to the forever shifting face of it. The moon is akin to the changes women experience monthly. Most females understand that the changing or the raging hormones, is much more than the physical body expelling blood––there's also a heightened emotional time––a time where many women experience a different space and time affecting their psyche.

Some cultures refer to a woman's menstrual cycle as her “moon".

Spells and moons go hand in hand. A witch keeps her eye on the phases of it when preparing to cast a spell. If she wishes to begin or grow a vision or goal the best time is during a waxing moon (growing in size and light.) The spell might be for opportunities to receive money, career prospects, and love to blossom or promote good health. It’s said to be a good time to grow your hair and nails, but cut them during the waning moon.

The waxing moon swells in size, shinning brighter––culminating in a very round moon. During the full moon celebrate. Cast spells that demonstrate your gratitude––even if your goal has yet to manifest to fullness––and faith in the universal flow of creation. On your altar or while under the full moon, have a flower in full bloom to symbolize your belief in what is coming to fruition. Also light a candle and visualize a prosperous life and count your blessings aloud or write them in your journal or book of shadows.

This creates a positive, joyful energy supporting your goals.

In its cycle the full moon will diminish in size and we see her darker side as her bright face wanes. This is a time to rid, release and put to rest that, which is not needed, finished or must go from your life. It really makes sense if you think of your closets and drawers too full of “stuff” and not allowing for new things. What can you cleanse, be that a thing, person, thought and/or behavior that impedes progress in your life or goal?

Eventually the skies will go black during a void moon – no moon. This, like life, is a phase where we enter a dark or fallow time where growth or joy ceases and, confusion, fear or depression is often experienced. It is a natural flow of one’s psyche. Do not panic. Too often in our society there is a false belief about happiness. One must be balanced and happy at all times is not true to the growth of the soul as Gary Zukav reflects in The Seat of the Soul. If your life is in a fallow time - feeling at loss and empty - cast a spell to release your fears and sadness and have faith that light will return to your life. Take heed to retreat, rest and meditate daily.

The witch's love of the energetic moon invokes her to dance, often naked, under the light of Luna-Moon and throw herself into a frenzy in the energetic moon light -- twirling around and around, waving her arms and howling -- Come dance with me in a wild moon dance, won't you?

Excerpt from "The Skye In June"
The jittery butterflies of anticipation flew widely through June’s arms. Imagining a party of them fluttering from her fingertips up into the night sky, she spread her delicate fingers toward the moon to release the pent-up energy. At that moment, the moon reappeared from behind a dark cloud, as though accepting her energy. Its powerful beams penetrated through the leaves of the trees, beaming a brilliant light onto the upturned face of the little girl. She trembled in awe, with her fingertips pulsating, feeling as though she and the moon were touching. In the fullness of the night, June felt her aura grow large. She began to dance with the moon. Slowly, she waved her arms back and then swept them outward and overhead, posing like a ballerina. . .

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