Sunday, March 27, 2011

Do the Dead in Hereafter Really Talk?

I just watched the movie Hereafter with Matt Damon as George, a retired psychic medium, who is called back into service against his will. I know how he felt.

I’m one of those people who easily sees and talks to the dead––those who have passed over. In the movie George tells another how he became psychic: As a child he had become very ill and needed surgery on the back of his head. Because of it something happened in his brain resulting in him “knowing and seeing” things about people he had no prior access to and this information was told to him by dead people.

I appreciated how the scriptwriter presented a correlation between head/brain surgery and changes in one’s psychic abilities. I also had a similar experience where a head injury had awoken my psychic abilities.

When I was nineteen I was in a very serious car accident and received grave injuries to my face and head and for a moment in the ambulance I “died”. That brief moment profoundly changed the course of my life forever, although it took me years to, not only understand what happened, but talk about it openly. Like one character in Hereafter I went to the“otherside”. My experience was like what some others had as described in Life after Life by Dr. Raymond Moody.

The attending physician told my parents that it was nothing short of a miracle that I came through as well as I did. I had blasted through the windshield, bounced back inside the car with glass embedded in my face and eyes. A leg hit the gearbox with such force that it broke it out. No broken bones, no blindness (the biggest concern). The face scars were deep and ugly, but I lived through the initial freaking out. The physical part in time healed but the true miracle was what happened afterward.

Within a couple of months I began to have strong premonitions, about people’s past (recognition) visions of future events (precognition) and dead people spoke to me. It was not pleasant. Heck it scared the bejeevus out of me! Not that I was new to accepting psychic occurrences. My mother had a curiosity in it, even having a few prophetic a few dreams and for fun read tealeaves, but my experiences surpassed this greatly.

Quite a few years later I read in the Time-Warner popular book series “Mysterious of the Unknown” how a head injury often happened before one experienced psychic abilities. The knock opened a part of the brain resulting in this phenomenon.

One of my strong abilities is mediumship and I rather enjoy it. I’ve mostly given up giving spirit communication (aka séances) because of the physically living beings as George experienced.

Of course the dead can be an annoyance as Oda Mae Brown (Whoopi Goldberg) in the movie “Ghosts” learned where she was deluged by spirits all coming through (talking) at one time––it can happen like that when they find a person who can see and hear them.

Do they haunt you like Oda Mae was by the dead character Sam, Patrick Swayze? You bethca! This happened to me once. The spirit didn’t lighten up until the police contacted me for all her information (her killer was successfully prosecuted.)

There are many rewards having these abilities’ and talents. I’ve met people from all over the world and been invited to travel to share my abilities. People have told me the information I shared changed their lives. Then again there’s a downside. In the movie George says that some people say he has a gift, but he thought of it more as a curse. I can relate. The curse is seeing and knowing too much as George says. Psychics do become tired.

Its takes a lot of energy, much focus and a certain detachment as information surges through. I’ve worked with law enforcement and even the believers have a particular way that can make one feel a bit blocked. There’s the need and expectations of clients to fulfill (or not) and neediness of the people seeking help and connections to dead loved ones. Let’s not forget the testing doubters, the ridiculing critics and the condemning haters (oh yes!) of psychics.

After having used my abilities for 40 years I believe that psychic energy must retire and the person must live for her or himself. But then, like George, there’s always that one more person who truly needs that information.

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