Thursday, February 10, 2011


 Paul Borda at moonlight mysteries. com

The Word for today is Mote. State your '15 goals then end them with So Mote it Be.

I'm often asked what "so mote it be" means. It's the same as saying, "amen' or "it's my word, and that's is as good as gold." What you declare to be true, is and you are bound by your word.

The actual meaning of mote is based upon old Anglo-Saxon language - thank you. Also, similar to ending a prayer with, amen
It can also be used to as "The truth has been spoken or That's the truth" hence said when an agreement has been made and like a handshake, seals the deal. Perhaps saying this precluded written contracts.

In essence one is confident and committed to what she has just declared as good and truthful.

In certain spiritual groups the phrase So Mote it Be is said at the end of a statement or ritual. Wiccans or witches or those who cast spells say it with the thought of “So might it be” or “So be it” or “Let it be" meaning, let the magic begin, the manifestation is in motion.

Saying it shows confidence that what you are creating will manifest. 

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