Monday, September 20, 2010

Autumn Moon Walker

I love the changing of seasons and Autumn is my very favorite time of year. The nights grow longer, giving me more time to snuggle in bed, enjoy a warm fire and silly as it might sound, take a walk in the night time. When I walk around and see lights on in houses I imagine the lives of the people inside them. Are you sitting happily around a dinning room table exchanging life stories, tales of adventurous vacations? The smells in the air of firewood burning and the increasing crispness of the air surrounding me helps my steps to quicken, rounding the corner I look forward to being home, a cuppa (tea) and my unfinished novel. Pulling my coat tighter I move along the street, passed a barking dog and step back as a cat skids in front of me. The cool night gives way to a clear sky where a gibbous moon promises to round out in a week. An autumn full moon - a boasting light in a black sky. And of course there's Halloween on the horizon. Yipee.

In my novel,The Skye in June, my main character, June crawls out her bedroom window at midnight to dance with the moon on a starry night.

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