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Vampires stalk our world, according to storytellers. For most, Bram Stoker's book, "Dracula" was our introduction to a vampire. Nowadays, it's hard to get away from them with the surge of books and films to choose your scary experience. 

I've been well aware of them since the 60's when I'd watch the television series Dark Shadows' vampire, Barnabas Collins, sleep in a coffin through the day to emerge at night seeking necks to suck. Anyone else watch it? 

Seems blood gathering has been with us for quite some time. Vampire folklore has history from many countries. According to Gods & website vampires have a long history. On Wilipedia page the vampire, the undead, visited people and unlike our Count Dracula image of a a tall, somewhat handsome guy, the vampire "wore shrouds and were often described as bloated and of ruddy or dark countenance, markedly different from today's gaunt, pale vampire which dates from the early 19th century."

In "Dark Shadows" and most other vampire sources I've read or seen, it seems young, attractive women are the mainly the target. (Whew! That leaves me out.)

But in Matthew Abaya's newly released award winning indie action vampire film, "Vampariah", (the Philippine version) the blood sucker is one scary female. 

The film is about Mahal, who is a part of an elite squad of skilled hunters responsible for keeping the world safe from vampires and other creatures of the night. Her mission to rid the world of this undead threat becomes compromised when her fate intertwines with an aswang (a vampire of Philippine folklore).

What about your country's vampire? What is he or she called and what naughty things does that vampire cook up? Fresh blood? Followers? To find a list of vampires' names and countries see

The San Francisco premier showing will be in the historical and most delightfully haunted San Francisco's Chinatown's 1920's building know called, The Great Star Theater." The other night I investigated the theater for ghosts and vampires sightings. The history of the building is murky with one recorded suspicious death. What else did I find? My investigation film will be shown at the premier of Vampariah film on Saturday, September 3, 2016. Do join us for a spooky good time! 

Matthew and I met when he filmed my ghost infestation of another historical San Francisco building. Now that was scary!  Since then he's filmed three  more of my ghost investigations for the Haunted Bay.   

No more blood left in my house - move on vampires! 

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Vampariah Premier evening filled with vampires, zombies, real deal ghost busting, drinks, live music, and of course ASWANGS! Stay for the after party! Rising from the grave, LA/SF's premiere Filipino Goth Band Dominion returns with "Aswang", the awesome single from the Vampariah Soundtrack.
Preceeded by a special featurette by The Haunted Bay's ghost hunt of the Great Star Theater. The Alameda Paranormal Researchers and psychic June Ahern will dive into Chinatown's Haunted History at the Theater.
The Haunted Bay:
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Sunday, July 3, 2016



I have been involved in ghost hunts with a paranormal investigation group named The Haunted Bay: Paranormal SF and Beyond. During the ghost hunt of a San Francisco landmark, The Defenestration Building (closed in July, 2014), we met a ghost of a frightened young woman dressed in only a full slip. She rushed toward me and the filming crew covered in blood. Her terror and quickness made us backpedal to get away. Most likely she was a victim of murder. Although, I was the only one who saw and heard her mentally, the others felt the tension. The woman came only so far down the long hallway then the image of her running toward us repeated. She was stuck in the time and place of her terror. Later, the producer, Ying Liu and cinematographer, Matthew Abaya, returned with a camera to, hopefully, capture the ghost’s image. The photographs show orbits of light and flashing streaks. 
The investigators thought it was inconclusive evidence because they were looking for a figure, a complete form of the woman. For me it was proof because I’ve seen many similar photographs of spirits and ghosts taken with different cameras. This kind of white orb light or flashes of whitish light is common when photographing spirits and ghosts. It appears as though the movement of energy is captured. 
One viewer of the woman in the Defenstration video commented, “...the Polaroid (photos) are spooky…a silhouette of a girl on the lower left…there is a set of legs in the middle…(in the) Fight & Murder Hall…a face staring right at the camera and the presence behind us. I don’t know if it’s a bearded man or a long-haired woman…” Watch the video to decide for yourself if the shadows and lights are indeed an energy moving toward the camera crew. The Youtube video of The Haunted Bay: Paranormal SF and Beyond can be found here: The Defenestration Building. - Def1
A client sent me three clips of her security film taken on different nights of her living room and front door area. In it was her husband locking up for the night. As he turns to leave the room, some circles of light appear in the forefront of the film. He walks up the stairs, disappears and then more circles of lights appear. They float around the room. My client, thinking maybe there was a flaw in the camera/film showed them to the security company. No, they said that wasn't the problem, but were unsure what was. Just months before the client had called me in to help stop, what she thoughts was ghost activity in her home (not in this area filmed). She already had had the house cleaned by another medium, which had not brought relief to the annoyance. Once there, I knew what was going on was stronger than just one cleansing.

Only once did I witness an orb with my own eyes and right in the same room with me. A woman came to me for a past life regression through the means of hypnosis (I am a Certified Hypnotherapist). When she reached a state of relaxation a rather large, white ball appeared above her head. 
CONT'D - 'How to Talk with Spirits: Seances, Mediums, Ghost Hunts' Amazon U.S.

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My recent hit on a baseball player's past life. 

It happened so quickly, the hit on Oakland A's right-handed, old syle pitcher, Daniel Mengden. 

Watching Oakland A's beat Giants' butts last night on tv I was taken by the Mengden's  A's usual pitching style. He was using the old style and looked the very part with a handlebar mustache. 

Say I to hubby, "I think he's reincarnated from a former pitcher." Hubby replies, "Yeah?"

I sat for a few seconds and got the name 'Andy' right away and very clearly. Then O' (something Irish) Maybe O'Hara, or??? I wondered.

Decided to research old pitcher, Andy O' Hara came away with interesting information.

Andrew (Andy) O'Connor, (1884-1980) right handed pitcher, one season - 1908 with the New York Highlanders, later renamed "Yankees" in 1913. He fit the bill. I felt a strong psychic connections between the two men.

Andy died at 96 in 1980, but guess he wasn't finished playing ball. Wanted another chance to prove he could stay in the game. 

 Mengden born in 1993. 

What do you think? Should I contact Mengden and give him my find?

Do you believe in, or have you experienced thoughts and/or images of you in another life time?

Although mostly retired I still enjoy my psychic impressions and ghost hunts with The Haunted Bay Investigation Crew as seen on Youtube.

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Excerpt from the ebook:




Chapter 1
Questions From the Curious Living

Are you a walk-in, and if so, is that how you became a medium? 
The first time I was asked if I was a walk-in was in the early 1980’s. My reply was “I don’t know.” I really didn’t know much about walk-ins then. Let’s first clarify what a walk-in is considered.
In 1979 Ruth Montgomery, psychic and author of several books introduced in her book, Strangers Among Us, the concept of what is considered a walk-in. “Walk-ins,” she said, “are people from other dimensions who have walked in or came into a mature person’s body with the full consent of the person’s soul intellect.” She also said, “this isn’t a forced incarnation or takeover of a body as in being possessed. (I will discuss more about possession in a later question). The person agrees to leave her or his body and make it available to this new soul rather than go through physical death.
A walk-in occurrence may take place during a traumatic event like a serious illness or an accident. The situation may include a NDE, but not necessarily so. The person might choose to be open to a walk-in because they never quite fit in, feel foreign in their body, and no matter how they might try, can’t relate to anyone. It becomes too painful to continue to try and the person falls into depression. A person who lives this kind of painful mental, emotional and physical life leaves their bodies open to walk-ins. The pain can lead to a depression so severe a person attempts to take his/her life. 

It is reported that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., one of the charismatic civil rights leaders circa 1960, at the age of twelve tried to commit suicide when his grandmother passed away suddenly. At the time of this event, Martin disobeyed his parents’ instructions to stay home and not attend a parade. He went and returned hours later to learn his grandmother had died. Grieved from her death and guilty he had disobeyed his parents’ orders young Martin went upstairs and jumped from the second story window of his house. Of course he survived to go on and became a historical figure that greatly influenced millions and reshaped American society. Could his moment of grave despair be considered an opportunity for a walk-in to appear?
Please note: Not all with the above mentioned ills and challenges are open to walk-ins. You will read later my thoughts on my own experience with regards to my NDE and life thereafter. 
What happens after the walk-in has adopted the body and mind? After a period of time and recovery from the trauma or illness, the person usually has noticeable different behavior and her or his viewpoints of life changes. In some religions this might be considered having found God. The transition certainly won’t be an easy one for many reasons. Family and friends might feel bewildered by the sudden change and think or say such things as “she’s not her usual self” or “he seems to have gone off the deep end since the accident” and so forth.

Montgomery says in her book even some walk-ins are so confused and averse to living on earth he or she thinks, “Let me out of here!” Only, the new being has a clear intention and purpose. In time the being will settle down to help humanity advance in intelligent awareness and show them how to take greater care of fellow humans, animals and nature. 
This certainly sounds like Edgar Cayce who might have been a walk-in. Cayce was an American mystic who is considered the father of the New Age movement. At about the age of thirteen he got struck on the base of the spine by a ball in a school game. After the accident there seemed to be no apparent injury, although he behaved badly. The normally quiet boy threw things at his sisters and was disrespectful to his father. Eventually when put to bed and when asleep he began to talk. As his parents listened young Cayce diagnosed his ailment saying he was in shock. He gave the cure, which his family prepared and applied while the boy slept. The next morning he remembered nothing of the day, or talking in his sleep. He was back to normal. Soon after recovering he began to have psychic insights for others. In the years following the incident, Cayce, a devout fundamentalist Christian, was unsure whether his gift came from God or the devil or why it was given to him. He didn’t sway from his psychic medical readings and over the course of twenty-two years gave thousands of them while also helping advance the acceptance of psychic abilities
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This day and age, right now historically, the world is in chaos. We are undergoing huge changes politically, socially, and religiously. How is it for you? I find it stressful.

"Through the centuries, millions of men, women and children have died in wars. Today the situation is even more worrying, for humanity has the means to destroy itself on a global scale." 
Do want peace? In your country? In your community? Your relationships? Do you add to chaos, anger, hatred, prejudices and war?

Or is your aim to attain peace? Do you believe peace can be attain if you, yourself, within,  are in turmoil? If you have hate prejudices or fears?

How do you contribute to a more peaceful solution in your life?

As a Rosicrucian I am committed to, in some way no matter how small or insignificant as it might appear, add to a more peaceful earth. Personally, I have practiced this recently by having steady, but calmer discourse with some others. I did not raise my voice, I didn't call anyone a derogatory name, I did not blame. And with my fiery personality I call
this a feat!

If you are in or around San Francisco please consider joining me on Saturday, 6/25/16

Rosicrucian Order AMORC - Peace Ceremony, Sat., 6/25. 1-3p.m. Cultural Integration Fellowship Center, 2650 Fulton, enter on 3rd Ave. SF. 

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Halo my lovelies! Welcome to Interview FoxSeat featuring author June Ahern - full interview at Mercedes Fox Author Page.
June Ahern has authored two novels, The Skye in June and City of Redemption, two screenplays, and two non-fictions––a consumer’s guide, The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Psychic Reading (“Number one seller by an unknown author” at the 1991 New York Whole Life Expo where she was a featured speaker), and How to Talk with Spirits: Séances, Mediums and Ghost Hunts. After forty years she retired as a psychic medium. June continues with her Life Coaching practice, writing books and enjoying her psychic talents as part of “The Haunted Bay, San Francisco and Beyond Paranormal Investigations “as seen on Born in Glasgow, Scotland, she came of age in San Francisco during the ‘60’s. - Amazon U.S. (International search June Ahern)
For all other book links see the end of the article.
Book blurb: Flower Power ignites into Fire Power when a lonely young woman becomes embroiled in a plot to bring down the Black Panthers in City of Redemption.
The once cheeky Liz leaves Scotland in a fog of grief after the death of her son to lose herself in the crazed days of The Summer of Love.  In San Francisco, thoughts of a “jolly good time”, free love and groovy people soon evaporate when she is drawn to the dark underbelly of violence and devastation.
What genre are your books? City of Redemption is a drama thriller. The Skye in June can be considered an upmarket fiction with an air mystery. My non-fictions are found in the spiritual, paranormal, and parapsychology section.
What draws you to this genre? I like a good noir thriller thus wrote City of Redemption. My protagonist can be charming and cheeky at times but has a dark side. Liz MacKay is exactly what a noir fiction calls for; a suspect as well as a victim with self-destructive qualities. is set in a time and place that won’t be forgotten; Summer of Love. As innocent as the time might sound, it had a dark underbelly of violence and destruction. There was so much social and political upheaval, which created violence and unhappy endings. My story tells of a young woman’s fall from grace, the pain of living with guilt, and finally the hope of redemption. It incorporate my heritage and interest in Glasgow, Scotland and San Francisco––two great locations for drama and mysteries.
What made you decide to sit down and actually start something? I’ve enjoyed writing since childhood and in the eighth grade won a writing contest on “Being an Immigrant”. In the 1970’s I wrote a short story that compelled me to write it. Ten years later I took a screenplay class and wrote my first play. All of my books, were written because I was asked to write them by interested others. Around the time I was writing, The Timeless Counselor, I submitted an article to The Berkeley Psychic newspaper on 1-800 psychic hotlines. It was accepted and then became a chapter in Timeless. That book as well as How toTalk With Spirits were written to satisfy the curiosity of people who asked me the same questions during my many years as a psychic medium. Skye in June,a tribute to my five zany sisters, began as a screenplay. Later, an author friend suggested I write it as a book to improve the potential sale of the screenplay. My second novel, City of Redemption, also started out as a screenplay. It was created because a young Scottish actress requested I write a lead role in a film with her.
Any advice for aspiring authors? It’s wonderful to create a book, hard work when the editor gets involved, and a challenge to get it printed, but honestly the most difficult part is to market it. Best advice as to marketing and this is true for traditional publishing houses as well as independent writers––make a budget. Marketing is costly. Don’t get caught up in the hype of marketing companies where you pay a lot to sell your books. Yes, sometimes it’s worth it and it certainly can get your name and book into the public eye. Still, it’s YOU who has to follow-up daily with one or more of these things: Tweet, Facebook, blog, and contacts who might put on an event for you.
Give us an insight into your main character. What does he do that is so special? City’s Liz Mackay has strong survival instincts. Once a cheeky, beautiful woman who’d charm and lie to get her way, she finds herself cornered when she can’t make others believe she had nothing to do with her son’s kidnapping and murder. Overwhelmed with grief and guilt, she cannot forgive herself and start over. When Toni appears in her life the gutsy Liz is reborn. Recognized as worthwhile by someone, Liz comes back into her own.
Who is your favorite character in your book and why? Mason the gay hairdresser is my favorite. He’s witty and sincere, playing others to get what he needs (like Liz). There’s a depth to him. When the time calls for it he transforms from a scared, cautious young man to a man who bravely defends himself against the stigma of being gay, but more so has a hand in saving his other commune members. I also like Toni, the Black Panther who is strong in her convictions.
Who is your least favorite character and why? Easy –– Ricky, the cad. He’s a womanizer, a drug dealer, and an all around narcissist who preys on the weak and cowers from the strong.
If your book were made into a movie, whom would you cast? The main character, Liz, is from Scotland, therefore I would love to see Mhairi Calvey, a young Scottish actress in that role. She has the perfect look to play Liz. I actually was in contact with her agent, but without producers, no sale. Although we agreed when I found producers we’d be in touch again.
What is your next project? I’m working on the sequel to The Skye in June before the readers who are waiting for it lock me up in a room to complete it.
If there was one thing you could do to change the world, what would it be? Prejudices. All this judging, hating, spitting out venomous names about color, religion and sexual orientation differences leaves me perplexed and saddened. Judging a book by the cover before opening if wrong. My novels (especially Skye) address this kind of thinking, as do my non-fictions books. My books have garnered some nasty comments. But I let them pass because I believe in what I do––like my main characters. We all have opinions, our own religious viewpoints but why push them on others to the point of hatred and wars? Really blows my mind. Why can’t we, assumedly intelligent beings, learn to talk it out? To listen? That’s what I hope will come around one day.
Do you have a pet(s) you’d like to brag about? My horse, Luna, adopted ten years ago as a rescue Thoroughbred. She’s an older mare and when I first took her on she was in really bad shape physically Luna_birds_shortand psychologically. I thought, yeah, I can fix that. It was a time consuming effort to get her body healthier, although she’ll never completely recover from the neglect. It was the psychological damage that took the longest to heal. Now, we’re like too old senior gals walking the hills in harmony.
What is one great lesson you have learned as a writer? How wonderful the writing community supports each other. I don’t think outside my family or close friends, I’ve ever felt my ideas and what I have to offer so welcomed and supported.
What is one thing you hate about being a writer? “Blowing my own horn” is difficult. It’s not easy for me because it goes against all I learned as a child; be humble, be modest; don’t talk about yourself. Authors have to become a showman. I was advised when presenting my book, stand up straight, and speak clearly to engage your audience. Luckily, many readers who’ve enjoyed my books talk them up and I can just smile graciously when near by.
Do you ever feel self-conscious when writing love/sex scenes? No. In fact, I have to be careful not to write too erotically, and therefore change my genre. MF: I do believe you are the first author I’ve interviewed to say this. I have the same issue, but with sex and gore.
What do your fans mean to you? I’m blown away I have fans. I am truly humbled people share my books, email me with words of gratitude, encourage me to write more, and follow my blogs and social network pages. Like wow?! Thank you to those who show me such kindness!
Tell us something unique about you. I see dead people – no really! Many find that unique whereas I find it entertaining and at times, bothersome. Oh, the occasional spooky ones do frighten me. I tell people all the time, you can do this too. They look at me like, “Yeah? No thanks.” Plus, I can “see” in my mind’s eye, people’s DNA. Fortunately I have successfully helped some people avoid ill health. I insist my clients follow-up with their doctors. My information has been verified after our session.

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How to Talk With Spirits: Seance, Medium, Ghost Hunt - Amazon U.S. (International search June Ahern)

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