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I look much better on radio. Don't you think? 

Taking a sabbatical after tapping my last show of the season. It's about my NDE and what a reader can expect inside my latest book, How to Talk With Spirits. To listen:…/june-ahern-interview/

For quite a few years the ideal radio show spot was in the works. I knew what I wanted, put it out there and things rolled. What occurred then was invitations from all unexpected radio hosts to be a guest on radio shows. That was my warm-up. Eventually the right person and right situation came to be with Yerevan (readings by I achieved and happily fulfilled that goal over a year ago. We had plenty of interesting shows once a month and now we both embrace time for a sabbicabal.

When a goal is reached new doors open, new opportunities and possibilities are presented - no stopping at the top!

My time doing a radio show reminded me what I have learned as a life coach; achieving a valuable goal leads creates new visions leading to new adventures and goals as has mine: I'm being asked to speak at groups interested in NDE and psychic visions. 

The shows can be heard (and many other interesting guests on the other Tuesdays) at readingsbyyerevan dot com.

 It's a continual adventure. I achieved my goal of having a monthly radio show. From that other interests grew. What about you?

Have you reached a place where it's time for new adventures? At my sf coaching dot com questions from goal setters are answered.

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NDE - Near Death Experiences

Since the publication of my book, How to Talk With Spirits I have been contacted by groups who investigate and are interested in my NDE. I hadn't realized how many are truly to interested in learning what is on the other side of life. 

Have you or someone you've known had a NDE and if so, did life change afterward as mine did for me? I had no idea that my life path would, in time, direct me to a most unique and interesting profession.
How it Began
In 1970, after a serious automobile accident and while in the ambulance, I expired for a moment and was subsequently revived. This was my first experience with spirit connection. For many years after this incident, I couldn’t talk about my profound experience of being on the other side. How could I explain I saw the light? How could I describe the ecstatic sense of pure joy and serenity unknown to me previously in this life?

Outside the crashed vehicle, a white light appeared to emanate from a woman standing close by. She stared at me intently through the windshield as I sat bleeding profusely from head and face injuries. Dazed, I looked back at her. Her presence was comforting and her face kind. Surrounded by a glow of light, she appeared to be clothed in all white. I felt loving warmth from the woman and thought I heard her say, “Don’t worry, it’ll be alright.” But that was impossible given the distance between us. Then the light enveloped me. Only I wasn’t led through a tunnel as others who have died and returned say they experienced. The next thing I recall was a policeman sitting in the driver’s seat next to me telling me to hang on. I knew he was talking to me but I couldn’t focus on him. All I could think about as blood poured onto my new coat bought for a first time date was how my clothes were ruined. It’s strange what bothers us in serious situations. I don’t recall being carried from the wreck to the ambulance or even the ride to the hospital.

With time, I remembered my journey to the other side. Once you have come back from the brink of death, you’re never quite the same. What happened during that time, how you felt, what you saw always remains vivid in your mind. I saw deceased relatives, some gone for many years. Some I only recognized because of old photographs in family albums. In a beautiful garden, they were laughing softly, their faces full of peace and love. A warm bright light surrounded the whole scene. An ornate white iron fence encircled the garden. I stood outside the fence, gazing at my happy grandparents, uncles and aunts. They watched me with big smiles. I felt peace and heartfelt love. Then they began to wave me away, cheerily saying, “Not now, June. Go back.”  
 My surgeon told me I was a lucky young woman because I expired in the ambulance for about twenty seconds. Twenty seconds that changed my life forever.
It was frightening and confusing for a nineteen year-old woman to see, hear and know facts about living and dead people. I fretted and wondered about these strange happenings. NDE, at this time, was rarely, if ever, discussed. People dismissed individuals such as myself with NDE experiences as delusional, fakes or odd. It was also a huge time of change both socially and politically. This may be why, in time, I accepted the fact my outlook on life was different. I could hear, see, feel, and even smell non-physical people as though if they were in front of me. And with acceptance came the desire to learn more about it.

Had I really been on the other side? Was it a miracle I came back? An opportunity for a second chance in life to do something meaningful I had not considered before?  Seeking information and education, I talked to numerous people who might have had, or knew someone with a NDE and perhaps like me saw and heard things which physically didn’t exist.

Fortunately since then, books such as Dr. Raymond Moody Jr.’s 1975 bestseller, Life After Life, and more recently Anita Moorjani’s 2012 To Heaven and Back validate and afford a kinder response to those who have experienced NDE. Reading Dr. Moody’s many case studies calmed my anxiety. I learned there were many individuals worldwide, and throughout history with similar experiences to mine.  
A survey in US News & World Report of March 1997 reported 15 million people have experienced NDE.

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How to Talk With Spirits:
Seances • Mediums • Ghost Hunts
by June Ahern
eBook available Amazon or (variety of eBook devices + PDF)
There is something haunting in the light of the moon.
– Joseph Conrad –
THROUGHOUT HISTORY, ghost encounters and haunted houses have thrilled many people. Wide-eyed children and breath-holding adults sit around darkened rooms listening to spooky stories, hanging on every ghoulish detail and shrieking at the Big Moment of Fright. People line up at amusement parks to ride into dark tunnels where the “unknown” awaits to thrill them. Movies with girls screaming, and boys hiding their screams behind nervous giggles have been popular since the first three minute horror movie, “Le Manoir du Diable”, by George Melies, in 1896.
To this day, when I shower in a motel, I peek out to make sure no knife wielding man is coming to stab me as in Alfred Hitchcock's “Psycho.” Yet, fear doesn't keep me from visiting graveyards or old haunted buildings and I've been to plenty. If you're like me, you visit these places too whether on your own, with friends, or a tour.
One of the most frequently reported ghost sightings is Anne Boleyn, wife of England’s King Henry VIII and mother of Queen Elizabeth I. She was executed at the Tower of London in May 1536 after accusations of witchcraft, treason, incest and adultery. Reportedly, her ghost is seen in the Tower and drifting through her childhood home, Hever Castle, in Kent, England.
In the first century A.D., the great Roman author and statesman Pliny the Younger recorded one of the first notable ghost stories in his letters. He reported the specter [ghost] of an old man with a long beard, rattling chains, haunted his house in Athens. The Greek writer Lucian also wrote memorable ghost stories.
In Germany, 856 A.D., the first poltergeist, a ghost who causes physical disturbances such as loud noises or objects falling or being thrown around, was reported at a farmhouse. The poltergeist tormented the family living there by throwing stones and starting fires, among other things.
Beginning in the late 19th century, Benjamin Franklin’s ghost has been seen near the library of the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Staying true to his reputation of being an eccentric, he has been spotted dancing in front of his statue.
President Abraham Lincoln, assassinated in April 1965, has been frequently observed wandering near the old Springfield capitol building, as well as his nearby law offices. The White House seems to be an active spirit place with First Ladies, queens, and prime ministers reportedly seeing the ghost or feeling the presence of President Lincoln.
In 2013, I was asked to participate in a paranormal investigation of historical sites in San Francisco. It’s been much fun using my psychic talents while investigating the history of some of the city’s interesting haunts such as the once infamous Barbary Coast and the Condor Club. At one point, as I walked through the streets it was as though I went back in time to see men and women of that era. Never have I felt so strongly my movement through parallel dimensions of time and space. Some kind of change was felt within my physical body. I was challenged to remember I was in the present time. The exciting part, besides seeing with my psychic eye events unfold, is the historical research confirming much of my psychic visions and impressions.
My suggestions below for a ghost hunt are for the amateur ghost hunter. Investigators documenting for the advancement of paranormal studies approach ghost encounters differently If you would like to learn more about technical recording equipment this website is a good source,
• Where you can ghost hunt: Begin where there have been ghost sightings. A good start for the novice ghost investigator is to tour the area you live in or are visiting to find ghost tours. Many cities and towns in most countries have them. They'll take you to the places known for hauntings. You won't have to find locations, get permission to be on the area, or worry about safety. Go to the local tourist office to find a tour. Besides visiting a ghostly place, you’ll learn a lot about local history.
If you don’t take a tour, visit the library to find haunted buildings and locations in the area. Newspapers, town historians, and books can be helpful finding folklore or facts about sites.
Although spirits, ghosts and other entities can show up anywhere at anytime, below are some good places to visit during the night.
Graveyards/Cemeteries are filled with spirits and ghosts. I’ve read some paranormal investigative groups believe there are evil spirits in cemeteries. This could be, but I think because of the many prayers said at cemeteries there are most positive spirits than negative ones. I have yet to come across negative low-grade entities and I've been to many cemeteries, some famous for ghost sightings. If you have fearful, negative thoughts, don't go on a ghost hunt. Remember to empty your bladder before because it may be awhile before you glimpse a spirit. Or, if you do, you may wet your pants.
Schools and former sites of schools: There are highly charged emotional energies, which come along with being young.
Historic buildings house the spirits of many who passed through on business. They are open to the public and may have tours. 
(cont'd in ebook what to take on hunts, how to behave when encountering ghosts + much more) Read about this book and my other ones at june ahern dot com.

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June Ahern

Available Kindle, Amazon (Nook, Mobi: Kindle, ePub, PDF)
More about the book at author's website

Chapter 7 (Excerpt)
And many of them that sleep in the dust
of the earth shall awake, some of everlasting
life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.
– Daniel 12:2: King James Bible
“Authorized Version”, Cambridge Edition –
THE MOST SOUGHT after and common way for communicating with the dead is through a medium (more about mediums Chapter 9) at a séance, which can be a private one-on-one or group session.
Séance is French for “seat, session,” derived from Old French seoir, “to sit.” The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition says, “The older original French meaning referred to “sit” or “take a seat in a meeting.” Perhaps as in a community or political meeting where attendees bored with speakers fell asleep or appeared to be in a trance. It was first recorded in English in 1845. In French, as in English, the word came to be used specifically for a meeting of people to receive spiritualistic messages. Now it means taking a seat where more than one person gathers for the sole purpose of contacting the spirit(s) of the deceased. If a medium is present, she communicates with the spirit and then relays messages from the dead to the living.
Séances can be quite mundane and not as mysterious as most think. For many years, I have been involved with and conducted séances as both a participant and a shared or sole medium. There are usually no peculiar goings on like knocking, banging on walls, howling dogs, levitating tables and chairs or floating ghosts. There can be a sudden drop in temperature or a cool breeze might move through the room. Sometimes the presence of another person in the room, not included of the original group, can be sensed. On a rare occasion, a white light or a translucent, wispy form may appear and, in an even rarer occurrence, an actual physical image of a dead person may manifest.
You may feel something brush pass you or feel as though someone or something is touching you. The hair on the back of your neck or arms may rise up for no apparent reason. You could hear a voice or sound. You may just “know” mentally you are speaking with a spirit. There are many ways to communicate with spirit energy. There are also as many different spirit energies as there are many different kinds of people. What I find interesting and enjoy most in séances is how uplifted the participants are when positive messages come from departed loved ones.
The séances I’ve been involved in range from the more formal seated at a table, holding hands in a semi-darkened room to a lighter, casual sitting around an office or small auditorium with no hand holding. They all included a form of a short introduction of what to expect, quiet time for a meditation, a prayer, and at times, singing. In the séances where I was the medium and after we started, I would announce what spirit had made her/his presence known and with whom the spirit wished to communicate. Sometimes I was incorrect about the participant, but within a moment it was straightened out. Often a name would come through, certainly a physical description even if the spirit came across years younger than the age of death. Sometimes, none of the participants recognized a spirit. Although it didn’t happen often, I’d thank the spirit and return to the séance. Alas, not all spirits come through just because you ask for a message. When I tell people this they are surprised and wonder why. I tell them as in life just because you call or email a person doesn’t mean they will respond. Perhaps the spirit is in a state of peaceful rest and what you are doing is no longer a concern.
At times, spirits the participants hadn’t consciously thought about contacting will appear and make their presence known. This spirit could be a relative such as a long lost cousin or uncle even the participant hadn’t met. It could be a grandparent the participant knew only briefly. I’ve heard from the spirit of neighbors, childhood friends, and a grammar school teacher. At one séance, an Army man appeared to talk to an older gentleman. The gentleman was befuddled. He didn’t recognize this man at all. Luckily, I heard the man’s name clearly and with the information the gentleman lowered his eyes and became still. The Army man was his friend; more like a brother, said the gentleman, in grade school. The Army man moved to another state and they lost touch. The gentleman hadn’t known this friend joined the Army, let alone died in Vietnam, which was the information the Army man gave me. Funny thing, said the gentleman, he’d thought of him off and on and wondered how he was doing.
People wonder why spirits come through if there wasn’t a connection to the person for a long time or at all. The answer is simple. (to be cont'd - purchase the book before 3/15/15 for 99¢, after $1.99)

ABOUT: June Ahern had a successful psychic medium practice before retiring in 2014. She stays connected to her spiritual psychic interests through ghost walks in San Francisco. Video youtubes The Haunted Bay: SF and Beyond and lectures. Learn more about June and her other books at june ahern dot com

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From ghoulies and ghosties
And long-leggedy beasties
And things that go bump in the night,
Good Lord, deliver us!
– Scottish Poem, Anonymous –

WHY DO I BELIEVE in ghosts, spirits and life after death? I’ve experienced all three.
(excerpt How to Talk With Spirits: Seances, Mediums, Ghost Hunts by June Ahern) 

What about you? Have you experienced a spirit visiting - a ghostly encounter? 

The boundaries which divide Life from Death
are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say
where the one ends, and where the other begins?
– Author and Poet Edgar Allan Poe –

There is something haunting in the light of the moon.
– Novelist Joseph Conrad –

While I thought that I was learning how
to live, I have been learning how to die.
– Artist, Inventor, Leonardo da Vinci –

Hark! Hark to the wind! 'Tis the night, they say,
When all souls come back from the far away

The dead, forgotten this many a day!

                    – Poet Virna Sheard –

The fear of death follows from the fear of life.
A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.
– Author Mark Twain –

And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God;
and the books were opened: and another book was opened,
which is (the) book of life: and the dead were judged out of
those things which were written in the books, according to their works.
– Revelation 20:12 King James Bible “Authorized Version”, Cambridge Edition –

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"The Skye in June"- a well-loved book.  Free ebook until Feb. 26, 2015. Please read and leave a review in the country of which you are.  400 overwhelmingly positive reviews can be found at (US, UK, France);,, author's website, and Barnes and Noble. 

To purchase on Amazon. 

To purchase an autograph copy to to Purchase at june ahern's site.

The title is based upon the Isle of Skye where the answer to the mystery can be found.

In the mid 1950's my family emigrated to the United States. My father left one year earlier to find work and a place to live. He had a sponsor, another Scot. My mother brought their seven children on March 17, 1956 to meet him in San Francisco, California. We lived in a flat on Market by 17th Street in an area called Eureka Valley, which one day would become known as the colorful "Castro." When I grew up there it was all family's, Irish, German, some Italian and only three Scottish families, us, the Frazier's and the Love's.  The eldest child, a sister, went to St. Paul's High school and the rest of us who were of school age, to Most Holy Redeemer. Yes, we were a staunch Catholic family and that was one of the reasons my parents decided to immigrate. When I was 11 years of age we became U.S. citizens. The love of Scotland and history was kept alive through my parents and their Scottish friends, who became our new family, having left behind all of our relatives.

My older siblings remember more of the teasing and confusing of words and life as immigrants, I did not rather than recall the "You talk like an American," or "Stop acting like an American," which to me seemed odd as we were now Americans. My parents and older siblings still had that strong connection to their homeland. And in fact, called it "back home" for many, many years.

The stories of Glasgow, the life they knew there, with the people who they loved and lived with, were told over and over, most funny, some exciting like WWII bombings and the time one sister was kidnapped (and returned.)

Life in Eureka Valley was most memorable to me; our school days with the nuns, kids on the block playing out in the streets until it became dark, the Saturday afternoons at the Castro Theater that just about all the neighborhood kids went to, and the characters one meets growing up that shape your thoughts and actions.

Somewhere in your mind, no matter your age, you feel that "back home" life. I wrote about a lot of it in my novel but embellished or mixed a few characters into one - never wanting anyone to declare - hey! that's me! or another. But those who grew up with me will recognize what and about who I based some. Here's about the book: my Scottish immigrant family.

It's a poignant story about a Scottish immigrant family living in San Francisco during the mid-1950's (way back in the day, eh?) and the four children come to age at the beginning of the Haight/Ashbury Revolution! 1964. If you haven't been to San Francisco or grew up there, you'll like this story. Plus learn some Scottish as you read the MacDonalds, a Glaswegian family, tale. It starts out in Scotland where you meet Cathy MacDonald on her way to the hospital to deliver yet another bairn. After a family tragedy the family travel to San Francisco in hopes for a fresh start and a better life.

The story centers around the youngest child, a redheaded rambunctious girl who has visions that threaten to tear the family apart if revealed. 

It's a colorful story, rich in history of The Castro, San Francisco and Scotland. Enjoy the Scottish language and culture. Meet the four kids, all girls and their often hilarious escapades as they try to avoid their father's abusive punishments.

Is there a sequel? Yes, in progress due to the overwhelming requests for more!

Read more on Amazon or Smashwords. com (returns to smashwords on 3/1/15) For more go to june ahern dot com

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Image: Captain Hubert C. Provand, Brown Lady of Raynham Hall (alleged ghost photograph

What do you want to know about spirit communication and ghost encounters?  

Questions from the Curious Living answered in my newest book, "How to Talk With Spirits: Séances•Mediums•Ghost Hunts", an informative and practical guide to an unusual and often, unacceptable subject. Also read about my most memorable ghost encounters and hauntings by murder victims.

Below a questions w/answer as found in the book. To purchase please go to
Amazon Kindle How to Talk With Spirits: Séances•Mediums•Ghost Hunts - 
Kindle edition @

Goodread Review: 5 stars: 'The book helped me with my sadness over the past 20 years from my mother's death. No one had a closer relationship than my mom and I. I was beside myself when she passed on. I did not go to see her at the hospital the night she died. For all these years I felt that she would not be happy with me. After reading June's book, it gave me an inner peace and calmed my heart.'
Have you ever given incorrect information about a spirit? And if so, what do you do to correct it? I have given incorrect information. This is why I ask my clients to know as much as possible about the spirit. Then, we can validate what I receive is from the spirit whom they wish to contact. If the information doesn’t make sense to the client, I still deliver the message. Its significance might come to the person later. If it is during a séance, it might be meant for someone else there. I always told clients not all spirits will talk because you ask, and not all spirits will talk through me. If we attempt to contact the spirit and my information is not familiar to the client, I say, “Sorry, that’s all I’m getting at this time.”
For private psychic readings, clients whose sole purpose was to contact the dead were warned it might not happen. Séance attendees were told not all would get a message or the message they hope for and not all spirits would come through (more in Chapter 7, Séances). Still, I hoped for the best. To correct any error, I could only say I was deeply sorry if the information caused pain, more grief and sorrow.
The most important and painful misinformation from a spirit occurred during my first case with the police. It was the murder of a woman in her home, which went unsolved for many years. Over the period of a few nights, I had a series of dreams in which I was more than a witness––I was the victim of murder. The terror was heart stopping! During the first dream, I literally saw, heard and felt the attack on the woman. At the front door, a hooded, masked killer all in black and gloved pushed his way into the house. The woman fought back vigorously as he bludgeoned her to death. I saw the steel rod in his hand go up and down repeatedly. Helpless to stop it, I writhed in pain and fear as her chilling screams rang sharply in my head. (TO BE CON'T IN THE BOOK)
About June Ahern and her other books at june ahern dot com