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Hi Ho Hi Ho and to off Lily Dale I go. 

It's a small picturesque hamlet of spirituality and free thinkers that takes you back in time to a small, peaceful place of mind, body and spirit. It's lovely with cottages, old Victorians with wide porches, and colorful gardens in full bloom, fairy forest and group spirit communication, meditation and healing.
My first visit was in 2016 and like so many worldwide I was making a pilgrimage. I went to fulfill a dream my elder sister, Ellen, had when she discovered it and that was for us to visit Lily Dale. Unfortunately, she passed suddenly in 2010.

While there I met a friendly group of women. I sat alone listening and quietly laughing to this sometimes raucous group of friends and relatives. Then one morning Rena, the lady who sat next to me each time, both of us sipping tea, turned and notice my witch pendent. She exclaimed, "Oh! I have one also" and showed me almost the exact figure. From there on we chatted and the group invited me to join in meals. I declined as I wanted to be alone with my thoughts, although the last couple of days I joined in doing tarot readings and sharing card spreads. Parting we all said it'd be nice to come back at the same time.
Now, two years later, I return to teach. 
My first visit was during a time mother was dying, I grieved her soon to be passing as I still did my beloved sister, my spiritual companion and student.  While there through a private reading as well as chosen in group readings my troubled spirit was eased and uplifted. 
I especially loved to walk in the Fairy Forest Garden. I added some little figurines with my mother and sister's names.

Now, I return to teach a workshop on ESP/Telepathy. Ellen would be happy I'm enjoying and sharing spiritual/psychic knowledge. She continues in spirit to guide, share incredible psychic knowledge and support my mission of teaching. I wrote about some of that knowledge in my book, “How to Talk With Spirits: Seances, Mediums, Ghost Hunts.”
There, I'll meet up with a longtime friend, author and lecturer, Suzette Martinez Standring.
 Lily Dale is a true experience of peaceful being, shared psychic interests and while there, have a reading by one or more of the most gifted mediums.
Located in upstate New York (USA) Lily Dale has become the largest center of the spiritualist movement. Each year approximately 22,000 visitors come for classes, workshops, public church services of mediation and healings. 
Incorporated in 1879 it became called Lily Dale Assembly in 1906 with the purpose to further the science, philosophy, and religion of Spiritualism. It has been featured in the HBOdocumentary No One Dies in Lily Dale. Lily Dale was also featured in an episode of "Supernatural."
Some well-known spiritualist and mediums who’ve spoken and taught there: Chopra Deepak Dr. Wayne Dyer, John Edwards, Tibetan Monks, James Van Praagh, television mediums Lisa Williams and Michelle Whitedove, who also live there; , Dee Wallace, Ghost Hunters, and soon to be a teacher at Lily Dale, me!! June Ahern 
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Recently, I shared on a social media page how my favorite Catholic celebration ritual was May Day in the church. The girls wore pretty dresses with wreaths of flowers on their heads. and the boys spruced up too. 

One year, my young sister was chosen by her peers to crown a large statue of Mary, Our Lady. It was a real honor and her family so proud of her. 

I loved this day so much that I wrote a whole chapter of it in my book, The Skye in June. Only, in my chapter the main character after the church festivities all hell breaks loose.

Here's an excerpt from the chapter. I hope you enjoy it. You can read more about my book on

Chapter 26
May Day 1960

The warm spring day of the first of May 1960 would certainly prove to be an unforgettable day for the entire family, in one way or another. The entire month of May, which is dedicated to honor Our Lady, the Blessed Mother of God, commences with a festive Mass on the first Sunday of the month. It is one of the most beautiful and joyful celebrations in Catholicism and was June’s favorite religious event. As part of the Mass, an eighth grade girl, chosen by her peers, crowns the statue of Our Lady. The honor went to Maggie. Her sisters agreed that, after all her heavy campaigning, she deserved it. 

The church was transformed into a heavenly garden filled abundantly with fresh, colorful spring flowers emitting sweet scents. After the congregation settled into the pews, the procession started with the Monsignor walking down the main aisle sprinkling holy water over the parishioners. Behind him came both of the parish priests in pristine white and gold vestments flanked by several altar boys. Once they were all assembled in the sanctuary, the organist heralded in the children. Boys and girls in their respective lines came through the front doors to parade around the church on opposite sides. The girls were dressed in a rainbow of pastel dresses with wreaths of garden flowers adorning their hair. The boys had their hair neatly slicked down and wore crisp white shirts and dark pants.

As the lines snaked around the pews, the children sang in harmony praises to God’s mother. “Oh, Mary, we crown you with blossoms today. Queen of the angels, Queen of May.”

When the children finally settled into the first rows of pews, the eighth-grade girl chosen to crown Our Lady would enter the church. As the organist began to play “Ave Maria,” heads craned backward to watch the chosen one walk down the aisle.

Beautiful as a spring goddess, Maggie, poised between the church’s heavy wooden doors, waited to allow time for the parishioners to view her. A murmur of appreciation spread throughout the church. In a periwinkle-blue gown, holding a wreath of delicate white roses cut from the MacDonald’s garden, she gracefully glided down the burgundy-carpeted aisle toward a life-size statue of Our Lady waiting to be crowned by the maiden. So lovely was the honored maiden that no one would have guessed that only an hour earlier she had been involved in a fight with her sister.

After the ceremony, parishioners spilled out of the church into the warming May Day, eager to get to breakfast. Jimmy emerged gripping his Kodak Brownie camera and squinting into the sunlight. He looked out into the group of people. “Do you see her?” he asked Cathy.

Cathy spied Maggie with Mother Superior and the Monsignor. The rotund priest had his arm loosely around her shoulders, leaning down into her face, smiling and talking.
Jimmy saw her at the same time. “There she is!” he said as he rushed down the church steps.
Cathy spotted Annie and Mary amongst the crowd and beckoned them over. Jimmy and the Monsignor were vigorously shaking hands when Cathy and the girls joined them.

“You must be so proud of Margaret being the chosen one to crown the Blessed Virgin. Maybe someday Margaret will become a real bride of Christ,” Monsignor gushed, his fat red cheeks shaking as he pumped Jimmy’s hand up and down. Cathy thought how Monsignor reminded her of a fat rooster crowing for praises.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Mary jab Annie with her elbow and giggle. She had a good idea what Mary was communicating to her sister. She, too, was amused at the idea of her boy-crazy daughter becoming a nun.

Jimmy proudly winked at Maggie. “She’s a good girl, alright.”

An exaggerated moan escaped Mary’s lips. The group stared at her, puzzled by her utterance. Quickly, Annie said, “She’s just hungry.” The attention turned back to Maggie.

“I understand that Margaret will follow Anne to the Girls Convent High School. What a reward!” Mother Superior beamed a proud grin at the parents.

“We have no choice but to send them all to Catholic higher learning. That’s where our girls belong, right Cathy?” Jimmy said, his grin broader with each compliment.

Cathy nodded her head “yes,” giving a half smile. For weeks she had fretted over the cost of the high school’s tuition. Maggie had not won a scholarship, like Annie had.

Loud voices of children squealing and singing interrupted the conversation. They looked over to the schoolyard to see a group of young girls dancing around a basketball pole, holding the various colors of streaming ribbons attached to it. Cathy’s attention went to the bright red hair flying around the circle. Her heart sank. It has to be June, she thought. Mary mumbled, “Oh-oh.”

Monsignor inquired, hesitatingly, “Mother Superior, what’s going on over there?”

“I don’t know,” she sputtered nervously, licking her lips, uncertain if she, the Mother Superior of Holy Savior School, was guilty of some sin.

“I know what they’re doing,” a sugary sweet voice sang out.

Everyone looked at Maggie. “Sister Noel has been teaching her students about the old pagan celebration of May Day. She 
said it’s the story of Mother Earth giving birth. The pole is the Father Sun.” She hesitated, giving the group a pleasant smile. She continued in a singsong way. “The ribbons are like him showering down his love over all the young maidens. Whatever that means.” Maggie’s bright green eyes, wide with innocence, looked directly at the Monsignor.

The adults stood frozen in place.Monsignor finally gasped out, “Mother...”

“I’ll take care of it, Monsignor,” Mother Superior said, regaining her poise. With arms swinging
as though to propel her faster, she marched over to the happy, cheering children.
Cathy fumed at Maggie. I knew she had a plan up her sleeve to get June in trouble, she said to

“Bloody troublemaker,” Jimmy swore under his breath looking toward the playground, his

temper starting to brew.

With hands folded within her habit sleeves, Sister Noel stood facing the children, quietly

watching them. Although her back was to Mother Superior, she did not jump with surprise when a voice gruffly asked, “What is the meaning of this, Sister?”

The pretty young nun slowly turned to her. With eyelashes lowered, she hid her eyes. “It’s a celebration of May Day, Mother,” she answered with quiet dignity.

To be con't in The Skye in June.
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According to Sharon Criss, who wrote a received thesis titled: God and Physics/Childhood's End, the answer is, yes you can change your DNA. 

Ms. Criss will present how in her talk, DNA: FROM THE MIND TO THE BODY,
Saturday, 6/23/18 in San Francisco, Fulton St., corner 3rd Ave, across from Golden Gate Park. 

How? Through various practices such as meditation and healthy diet.

What is DNA outside the information we know TV detective's use to catch the criminal? 

DNA is your unique sacred geometry -  the structures linking thoughts with body and where your personality resides.

DNA is the core spiritual, physical and energetic signature which contains elements of geometry. DNA exists because of vibration. Scientific studies on how DNA is changed reveals that first if you have a clear mental state with positive thoughts to influence your physical structure and you can reverse aging. 

I've became very interested in DNA  (not knowing any thing about it then) since 1990 when I had an intense vision including a message about the workings of DNA. I saw the, as I first called them, the vibrating, glowing ribbons housed with each of us. 

I was instructed how to psychically see and "read" these ribbons and how to impart these insights to clients to help heal whatever ailed them. This vision increased my psychic abilities to work with clients as I read their "history" of where, when and how they came (were made up of) to be- how they carried family legacy forward and how they could unravel the twist in their DNA strands.

My own experience and knowledge of DNA has kept me interested in what scientific studies continue to reveal about the importance and working of our DNA so I look forward to Ms. Criss talk, which will include scientific studies on how meditation and other mind-body actives support healthy bodies and present scientific research that shows how the DNA can be changed. 

Some scientific studies have shown that telomeres can be regrown under the right conditions such as meditation, diet, and reduced stress lifestyle - all which aid in regrowing telomeres.

"Telomeres"are the caps on your chromosomes which help to keep your chromosomes from deteriorating. The longer the telomeres, the longer your lifespan. When your chromosomes weaken due to aging it is because the caps on the end of your DNA have become frayed and the DNA strands are unraveling. 

Older people have shorter telomeres. One of the many ways to fight against DNA aging is through mindful targeted meditation. Researchers have discovered meditation seems to affect longevity of the physical body starting deep within the cells; particularly if the meditation is directed toward helping others, which shows to have repaired the end of the caps of the DNA and effective in lengthening telomeres.

Talk presented by AMORC. It's free. It's most interesting. It can help change your life for the better.  On Saturday, 6/23/18  in San Francisco, (Fulton/3rd ave, entrance 3rd) at 1 p.m.

1: PM - Doors Open - Refreshments
1:30PM - Public Presentation
• Celestial Sanctum Guided Meditation
• Followed by Sharon Criss' Presentation 

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This traveling would go beyond how we think and view the past and future. Mentally we ruminate about the past and worry about the future - or we enjoy memories of the past and in that, they become "real" again emotionally. For the more optimistic person, the future has an excitement with hopes of a better place and time to come.

As a youngster I saw images what I believed to be myself as a gnarly sailor on ships of old. The images were so clear and the feeling  so real intuitively and without reason, I knew at one time, some how, that had been me.

Starting at 11 years of age, I had an incredible pull to learn more about Egypt. I scoured  encyclopedias to read about ancient Egypt, how mummies were mummified, and again felt beyond reason, an intense sense I'd been in there when pharaohs reigned. Later, I become a Rosicrucian, which the teachings date back to ancient Egypt.

Like  other young kids I believed I could fly and in that imagery flying phrase went to outer space to visit other planets where beings I've never seen before lived. I worried they wouldn't find me on Earth and still go out under the night sky inviting the spaceship to come and beam me up, Scotty. Well, I'm still here so....

When I was 16 I learned about past lives and reincarnation. It validated my thoughts I did live before, which I'd later investigate past lives through hypnosis.

One of my lives I explored and actually another historical period drawn to was always the Roaring 20s! There I saw I was a party girl, gangster's moll aka gun moll who went to prison and died at a young age of pneumonia.

Died late 1920s, early 1930s then rushed back into a new body 20 or so years later, which I've learned, not a good thing to do, rush back without taking time to refresh and retrain in the ethers.

This life time health wise, have allergies cumulating in the lungs. And, I did rather enjoy living outside societies acceptable rules  when I was a young adult - not now, of course.

But do read my novel about Summer of Love, titled, "City of Redemption" to get a sense of the times of life experiences where living differently from society's perfect citizen lost it's hold on many young people.

If indeed we live many lives in order to improve our imperfections - greed, anger, hostilities, apathy, judgmental, domination, - bottomline  - until we become serene, joyful and clear minded to truth, we roll back into another time, another body and country - most likely with those we have to heal any bad relationships with - now that's a kicker, eh? Yikes. Back with some relatives? Ex's? Oh my. No. no and more no.

I do think we can travel through time and experience and learn much about your self and how it was to live in different centuries and countries.

Have you experienced time traveling? 

Which is it for you? Past history or future explorations? 

My books and more
The Skye in June and City of Redemption
How to Talk with Spirits and The Timeless Counselor

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 Seeing is believing. According to scientific studies we dream and think in images, pictures (still or moving), colors, symbols and sounds. Then translate them into words to make sense of them and more often than not, share them in hopes others get it.

When coaching clients tell me what they want I ask "How does that look to you?", "How will your life be different once you have attained it?" In other words, can they clearly see themselves living a life they hope for?

I don't want your inspiring dreams to fade away and you lose trust in your unique thoughts so I offer this method for bringing your dreams, wishes and goals to life - a vision board (see how to create one see further below.)

Vision boards are inspiring and gives a physical view of your wishes and dreams. It is a picture of you and the journey to discover more in life. 

Over the years, time has proved how effective my visions boards have been to  successful manifestations of what, at one time,  had only been a hope, a dream. They've helped keep me focused with faith as well as gauge progress.

1998- 1999 - My first in greater detail told of how I wanted my writings to give promise, open new professional doors for me. My first book, a non-fiction started that process of publishing. In '06 my first novel proved to be successfully  received. I also wanted to travel more so and have. Upper right knew it was time to return to Scotland to visit family and did. My latest one '16 is below.


Also, to assist you in connecting a vision to a tangible goal enjoy a guided imagery meditation -  Meditation Room,

Fun to create: Prepare to give life to your wishes and dreams. Enjoy gathering  some or all of these items: 
• Begin with a blank canvas (poster board or large piece of paper)
• Magazines, photos of yourself and maybe others (you can copy originals)
• Crayons, colored pencils, paints, pen or pencil
• Journal or notebook
• Glue, paste, Scotch tape or a stapler (keep those images on that canvas)
• Scissors
• Stickers and whatever else you want to paste, draw, paint and/or staple onto your vision board.

Once you've gathered the materials begin your journey by writing about your wishes and dreams as clearly and simply (bottom line it!) as you can so you can see in words your intentions. Doing so connects your thoughts to the physical world. Keeping those only in the mind doesn't give them true form.

Now: begin to cut, color, draw and add whatever you gathered to the blank canvas and watch your story unfold. This is your expression, your creation, a living image of you, your plans, your hopes, and goals. 

A Simpler Method: My first vision board was an easy - draw and color a source where you believe your visions are supported from at the top of the paper. Draw different colors, like strings, from the source to what you want to manifest, make sure to write what that is. 
When your vision board is completed (it might takes days or more) place your creation in an area where you can view it often. Meditate upon it - seeing all the images, colors and symbols inspire you to manifest a life you desire. 

Please let me know how this works for you. Wishing you fulfillment and success!
The Coaching Formula - the alchemy for Successful Living and Fulfillment. See Workshops

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  In this vision board, '16 I was professionally slowing down. Most of you I've had a very successful career as a psychic medium, but needed some changes.  I was ready for new adventures professionally and personally - more time with my horse, maybe ride again, travel, and discover "firsts". All continues to manifest. 

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We think up to 75,000 random thoughts a day. I know, with some people it's hard to believe they're even thinking but according to science from 25,000 to 75,00 thoughts flash through our brain and most are negative. Holy Moly! NASTY THOUGHTS! And scientific studies confirm what we metaphysicians have said, "Your negative thoughts poison your body." 

What those crummy, harmful negative thoughts do while jogging around your brain.

Some studies say: Fear-provoking words—like poverty, illness, and death—also stimulate the brain in negative ways.  And even if these fearful thoughts are not real, other parts of your brain (like the thalamus and amygdala) react to negative fantasies as though they were actual threats occurring in the outside world. Curiously, we seem to be hardwired to worry—perhaps an artifact of old memories carried over from ancestral times when there were countless threats to our survival. 

 According to neuroscientists, Andrew Newberg and Mark Robert Waldman, who’ve done extensive study on the brain and wrote a book on their studies titled, Words Can Change Your Brainin 2014, negative words create traffic jams in the brain: “A single negative word can increase the activity in the fear center of the brain and release dozen of stress-producing hormones and neurotransmitters which in turn interrupts our brain’s functioning especially with regard to logic, reason and language. Angry words send alarm messages through the brain and they partially shut down the logic/reasoning centers.” 

I say, DANG! All that goes on in my brain? Did you see the animated film, Inside Out? It's truly an amazing view at the brain. Check it out.

Elisabeth K├╝bler-Ross psychiatrist  and author of Death and Dying says: There are only two emotions: love and fear. All positive emotions come from love, all negative emotions from fear. From love flows happiness, contentment, peace, and joy. From fear comes anger, hate, anxiety and guilt. It's true that there are only two primary emotions, love and fear. But it's more accurate to say that there is only love or fear, for we cannot feel these two emotions together, at exactly the same time. They're opposites. If we're in fear, we are not in a place of love. When we're in a place of love, we cannot be in a place of fear.” 

Not new revelations about jumpy negative thoughts:
Buddha showed his students how to meditate in order to tame the drunken monkeys in their minds. It’s useless to fight with the monkeys or to try to banish them from your mind because, as we all know, that which you resist persists. Instead, Buddha said, if you will spend some time each day in quiet meditation — simply calm your mind by focusing on your breathing or a simple mantra — you can, over time, tame the monkeys. They will grow more peaceful if you lovingly bring them into submission with a consistent practice of meditation.
You can reverse your thoughts. At first and sometimes later, it isn't easy so start simply by repeating a positive word (pick one): love, peace, serenity, refresh, play, laughter and you'll experience a shift if you keep on it.
Choose your thoughts wisely - speak words to encourage health and well-being. Anger and fear will wear you down, make life seem longer and eventually destroy all you wish to bring you peace and joy, love and light. 
Giving this talk in the Bay Area Saturday, 4/27/18 Fulton and 3rd Ave, SF 1:30 p.m Free workshop to learn more how to change your thoughts.
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"The Skye in June's" 10th year anniversary.

 FREE Kindle  April 25 - April 29 Celebrate 

Don't miss this powerful mother daughter tale, a proven favorite for young and older readers with monthly sales since its April '08 debut.

From Scotland to San Francisco, an immigrant family in a unique time and place, a historical fiction told in a strong woman's voice. 

Never a dull moment in with MacDonald family! 

Learn Scottish words and phrases, customs and Hogmanay rituals while reading about life in one of San Francisco's most famous neighborhoods, The Castro, before the big changes socially and politically circa 1960. Go to the Castro Theatre for an afternoon of girl fight, walk the hills up to Twin Peaks, visit the many shops, like Clift's Hardware (still there!) in the Valley. 

Overwhelming positive reviews on Amazon (US, UK, France and Japan) and Goodreads, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble and many other book sites.

About me and other books at june ahern dot com.

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BAY AREA: The Power of Thoughts & Words, Sat, April 27th, 1:30 p.m. 

FREE workshop presented by June Ahern (me) sponsored by Rosicrucian Order

I'll  give you true and tried techniques to reverse negative thoughts to positive ones. The poison of negative thoughts bring illness and weaken the body.

Nice when science validates metaphysical studies:

Published in Frontiers in Psychiatry, the study was the brainchild of Dr. Nian-Sheng, an acting clinical at Tzeng, a psychiatrist at Tri-Service General Hospital in Taipei told ScienceDaily that he began the research after noticing a pattern, “I observed that some patients with the three A’s - asthma, allergies, and atopic dermatitis (eczema) appeared to suffer emotionally." Like YEAH. Come hear how to help your physical ailments ease.

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