Wednesday, December 13, 2017



How to Talk With Spirits: Seance, Mediums, Ghost Hunts

by June Ahern 

is an informative exploration into an often 

controversial and sensitive subject: 

Life after death 

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The book answers many questions from the curious living about life after death, ghosts - why and where? Vampire entities, talking to the spirit of your departed pet - + much more!

Also available for purchase in paperback on Amazon or through june ahern dot com

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Amazon readers say: read more at Amazon &

starsThis book is easy to read. August 1, 2017. This book is easy to read. Once I 
picked it up I could not put it down. I have often felt my relatives around me but not sure how to 
understand what they wanted to tell me. Page 133 was my answer, learn to be quiet and listen. 
This book has brought me peace of mind.

July 9, 2017. Years ago, June Ahern was an important teacher for me regarding intuitive spirituality. 
BRAVO on her practical, in-depth and highly personal book about spirit communication. It is rooted 
in both goodness and good advice. June shares her  experiences with a focus on comfort, insight, 
protection, and understanding ourselves through the unique lens of a spirit-filled world. It's a practical 
book that gave me a depth of insight into the wondrous facets of my own Christianity, something I 
didn't expect. Yet there are definite tie-in's into the concepts of self-evolution, atonement, release and 

June 27, 2017 While I've always had an interest in people who have psychic abilities, I've also been 
very fearful of the supernatural. I had the opportunity to listen to June speak about her experiences. 
Her book gives wonderful insight.  After meeting June and reading her book, I came away with a sense 
of peace and hope in regards to the recent passing of my mother and even one of my pets. Ahern is very 
straightforward and also has a sense of humor and a positivity about the afterlife that is comforting. It is 
well worth the read if you are curious about what is it that psychic mediums do and how they can help 
others. Thank you, June!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


I'd like to address something of interest to you. 

The Timeless Counselor wishes to serve your requests - within limits of course.

Am planing to write blogs with more about spells, the days, time and about planet energy and how to use words to create your own spell/affirmation/prayer.

Also, I'm going to write about exorcism and who, why and what. But not the latter in this Holiday Time. I'm an optimistic, keep moving person.

Hit me up with your thoughts and questions. What interest you in the psychic, paranormal realm that isn't (or might have been) answered in my blogs? 

Remember! USA take advantage of my Holiday Book Special as seen at www.june ahern dot com - purchase page - buy three of my books mailed in USA for only $35 PLUS a psychic reading from me - a psychic/medium with over 40 years experience. How good is that? 

What's your 2018 plans? How will you put it into action? See my Ask the Coach page for some ideas.

My intention is to offer tarot and other classes via video.  To teach and lecture more so - that is already a growing action.

Happy, Merry, Joyful, Peaceful to you and yours.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Most of you who follow me know after forty + years it's rare I give private psychic readings.

Rather, I focused on my paranormal investigations (YouTube The Haunted Bay), writing, and my great love, teaching.

I love the tarot cards as a symbol toward enlightenment and guidance.

It's so much fun to teach ESP development and gratifying to share  the formula of coaching (see sfcoaching page)

BUT and THEN AGAIN! Since I made the Holiday Special Offer (see purchase page) I've been doing email readings and loving it!! My psychic energy continues to vision and once I latch onto that question sent me the visions and messages become stronger and I just have to share.

Although mostly retired it's as an artist, creating is an energy an a vibrational force that has to be acted upon. So glad I decided to do this.

What talent or ability do you posses that no matter what you just have to act upon? 

Excited to act upon this goal in 2018. 

Update - 2018 June Goal: Teaching Class on-line. Due to so many out of my region requests I've
been looking into and getting advice how to do teach on-line. I think Skype might be best for me. My classes can include national and international in my native tongue, English.

I'll start with the tarot as steps to achieve a goal. Been doing it with students since April & August and they are truly moving forward successfully to achieve goals.

Interested? Leave a comment or email me at

Author of Four Books: two novels, two non-fiction. Check them out june ahern dot com

Spell to Claim Your Uniqueness:

Do this spell during a waxing moon, which is considered to be when we 'grow things' - getting brighter and closer to the full moon of celebration.

A few things about casting spells; harm to none, don't do spells that harm others, let karma take care of that; don't look back - don't focus on the spell, let things happen; things will come up that can be uncomfortable or even a big bummer that's because in order to fulfill we have to clean away the outworn, outdated, useless acts and thoughts keeping us from getting.
Got it?

Your altar has a larger than other candles, a white one, add another candle of your favorite color, a flower in water, and an object near and dear to you as well as a photo or drawing or image of you, a happy time. Burn incense if you wish

Enjoy your altar. Sit quietly, breathe, relax, image yourself sitting in the sun, feel the light, feel the warmth and now say aloud:

In the warmth and energy of the sun
I see clearly my unique self (whatever that is)
I see my strengths, my passion
(enjoy this image, feel the power return to your whole being)
I am part of the Universal flow, 
The power of the Cosmic energy
(Breathe in this image and feeling. Let it run through your body)
I claim my power. 
With harm to none and for the better good of Earth
I invoke the power of myself to fulfill my life.
So Mote it be.

When you are ready snuff out your candle.  Keep your flower, dry it out if you can and in the full moon time, light your candles and enjoy the changes and clarity received from this spell.

Friday, November 24, 2017


A book is a gift you can open again and again.”- Garrison Keillor

In the Holiday Spirit of Gift Giving please consider purchasing three of my books- any combination - for $35 mailed within the USA and receive a one question psychic email reading from me. Purchase good up until January 1st, 2018. 

Read further down to enjoy a Holiday Ease Spell/Prayer.

The books (listed below) are paperbacks. The offer does not include purchases 
outside of my website. To order and further details please go to june ahern dot com.

Novels: The Skye in June and City of Redemption, 

Non-fictions: How to Talk With Spirits: Seances, Mediums, Ghost Hunts, 
and in original form with artwork titled, “A Professional Psychic Reading as Alternative Counseling” limited edition (now titled "The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading", (ebook under this title is not included in the offer.)

Wishing you a peaceful and joyful time.

Enjoy this healing spell/prayer to lighten up your mind, heart and body
during this holiday season:

Sit in a darkened room with a candle or dim light. Have a bowl of water in front 
of you.

Calm your mind and body through breathing in and out through your nose. Pay attention to your breathing. If any thought enters your mind release it by saying"Breath in, breath out." Do this for at least 3 minutes. 

Then say aloud:

"I cleanse my mind of all negative thoughts that rob me of peace of mind. I willingly release and open to new positive and progressive thoughts."  

With one hand dip your fingers into the bowl of water and place them on your forehead. Take your hand away.

"I cleanse my heart of feelings that rob me of a sense of serenity and joyfulness, love and laughter. I am worthy of and willingly accept love." 

Dip your fingers into the water and touch your heart. Take your hand away.

"I cleanse my body of pain and unease that keeps me from feeling energetic and well. 

Dip fingers from both hands into the water and touch your body where you are pain or dis-ease or illness, stress and tension. Stop here and sit quietly to mentally see yourself in good health. Take your hands away.

I trust in my ability to create a happy holiday time in line with my enjoyment of celebrations.   So Mote it Be.

Sit for as long as you wish and when ready, snuff out the candle. Come back and do this when you feel out of sorts during this busy, and often for many, sad time.

Friday, October 27, 2017


You know when you get that “kick in the pants” reminder?

Well, I got mine good and hard when I didn’t take time to protect my mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and psychic energy before embarking on a ghost tour.

Last blog I said I’d share self-protection spell if asked; someone asked.

I had planned to write it while on holiday. Too bad, said the hands of fate, all good plans of mice and men go awry.

My first day at a lovely, quiet place I learned family and friends’ lives and homes were threatened by a raging Northern California fire (worst in the states’ history). In the midst of contacting family an offer to teach a workshop set for early November and I had to send a proposal immediately. Internet connection was down.

Rather than come home refreshed I was mentally and emotionally drained from worry and planning for the workshop.

To top it off I was part of The Haunted Bay’s San Francisco Ghost Tour going back to a place I had previously investigated (see link below). This time I was punched in the head and pushed by an unseen entity. “Oh no! This doesn’t happen to me!”

Then why did it? Worn done mentally and emotionally, I did a brief protection ritual without much focus.

Funny how fate will slap you with one hand while with the other offers redemption.

The next day at my “Wellness” class the teacher went through self-protection techniques, some I’ve forgot and another learned.

I share from the class and from my book, “How to Talk With Spirits: Séances, Mediums, Ghost Hunts” (free on Kindle until 10/28/17 - See link below:)

Before and after interacting with others in spirit, ghostly, and healing way, or at any potentially unpleasant meeting, cleanse your energy. . Mentally clear your space before channeling and receiving psychic information. You can pray, chant and/or sing - all raises positive vibrations in and around you

Imagine sitting in a clear white bubble. It can also be a pastel blue or pink.
Smudge with a smudge stick or encircle yourself with incense if you wish.
Ground yourself by visualizing your feet (or go outside and stand barefoot on the earth) standing firmly connected to the earth. Say, I am safe.
Using water to clean more than the body: Cup the water and let it dribble up your arms as you move to the crown of your head, now wipe down your arms and out through your fingertips, flicking off as though riding yourself of all negative thoughts and feelings.

Protection Spell

Sit in a quiet space with a white candle lit and incense and flowers if you wish. You might add a crystal and/or a serene image.
Enjoy the beauty of that space. Pay attention to your breath, regular breathing, in and out, calming and easy. Do this for about five to ten minutes or longer.
Then visualize a safe space, a circle of light colored energy surrounding you.
Say aloud: Only good can enter herein.
Call in the Divine One whom you connect to: guardian, angel, guide, God, Jesus, Goddess, Buddha, or Allah - you chose:
I call in _______ to be with me. Together we create energy to empower my spirit and protect me from all that can potentially harm me.
I do this with confidence and pureness of intention with harm to none and only for the greater good.
I wear this shield of protection whenever needed.
So Mote it Be. Therefore it is.
Sit for as long as you like enjoying the positive energy around you. Snuff out your candle before leaving.

Book on Any problem with link? Search June Ahern 
Investigation, Great Star Theatre, Chinatown, San Francisco, Youtube:

Friday, October 6, 2017


Protection before communicating with spirits and/or ghost hunting

In my book, How to Talk With Spirits: Seances, Mediums, Ghost Hunts, I let readers know the importance of how to secure your environment and self before opening up to communicating with spirits or going on a paranormal ghost investigation.

Why? The spirit you wish to communicate with might not be the one you do communicate with. Again, in my book I write how "vampire" type entities can pose as nice spirits and invade your psyche then finally your mind and body. If I hadn't experienced this myself I'd be super like 'oh yeah?'. As I have said over and over I'm a rather skeptical psychic medium.

The facts are important and for my The Haunted Bay (also in my book) youtube series the producer Ying Liu does a good job at finding available historical facts. Watch them for the many San Francisco and Calistoga investigations.

Back to protection. I learned the hard way never to forget to do a protection time before and after your paranormal work. (Read my blog about Attachments) and see this video about a ghost that followed the producer of The Haunted Bay home.

First ask yourself why are you wanting to do this? What do you wish to gain? Whom do you want to communicate with?

Set your mind to it, be clear. In my book I offer suggestions how to protect yourself and you've most likely read or heard before, surround yourself with White Light, incense (but what kind is best?), pray (I'm big on that one), and other ideas.

What I'd like to offer are a couple of spells and if you, my reader, are interested please comment and then I'll conjure up a protection spell.

So Mote it Be.

Read more about me and my books (4 in total) at june ahern dot com. During the month of October and November I will include a note about a spirit that surrounds you when you order directly from me for a personally autographed copy of any of my books. Mailed in the USA only unless extra postage is included.

Purchase through me,,, or order through your favorite bookstore.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


For those following my posts on my spirit communication and experiences (many of which are in my book How to Talk With Spirits: Séances• Mediums • Ghost Hunts, ) I'll write a downside of it. Especially now as Hallo Eve (Halloween) and Day of the Dead draw closer  - that is when the veils between the two worlds drop and spirits are free to walk the earth. Read in my book - Chapter 12 - a lovely, sacred Halloween ritual. Order at June Ahern dot com, or Amazon.
How a spirit attachment happened to me: Exhausted from my successful book party events I crashed and in the course of recovering found an entity attached to my body, praying on my tiredness it would have taken over me inch by inch.

When the paperback version of book was released in April 2017 I was inundated with invitations to speak at book party events where I read an excerpt and answered questions before leading guests in a group meditation  - one with the hope of contacting deceased loved ones. I would tell the group, "If the spirit moves me, I'll share." 

Well, I of all people, a seasoned medium, should have known that wasn't a good statement to make. Spirits come easy to me. Eager to contact living loved ones spirits lined up. Almost every guest, if not all, received a message. 

If you've seen the movie "Ghosts" where Whoopi Goldberg is burden with so many spirits waiting in line to talk to the living, that's what it was like. "Me, me, me next!"

With the almost weekly events through May and July I became so exhausted mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually - not sleeping well, eating badly, trying to keep up with book party requests and most importantly not meditating and carefully cleansing my energy before and after each event. 

I took a couple of months off and delayed book events. 

To Heal: My massage therapist and acupuncturist are very aware how to work with me being a psychic/medium. When I went for a massage an attachment was discovered in my lower back. As soon as she pushed on that area I felt and then saw a dark energy of a vampire entity. "Oh my God!" I exclaimed, "I have an attachment."

As the  therapist dug deeply (ouch!) I literally felt a release. Not entirely though, hence afterward I went to my acupuncturist where it finally dissipated after a two hour session. I refocused on my self care and am free of that entity! 

It's not the first time those dark entities have tried to invade me, my then young son and my space but I've always stopped them with NO!!  Get out! and I SEE you! (they don't like that).

In my book I discuss consciously and ritually cleaning your energy, anyone with you and the space where you'll contact spirit  and  do the same after spirit/ghost communication. Also, in my book I share an encounter with vicious vampire entities in Jamaica. 

Where did I pick the attachment up? First know that you, me, spirits and entities are all energy - energy that floats around and attracts and deflects.  

I believe the attachment happened at two book parties: one where there was overwhelming grief and emotional chaos prevailed and those to be contacted were victims of murder, suicide victims, and early infant deaths. In the chaos my psychic energy frayed as I channeled information. At the next event soon after, a guest told of an evil spirit in a home during her childhood, the home her father committed suicide by hanging. I had already pulled in this entity now this darkness added to its energy.

If you open to spirit communication, take care to bless self and surroundings. Do not invite spirits to "touch you" as I've heard a medium do. Even a spirit you think is friendly or believe is a loved one might not be. If you think you have an attachment or see dark shadows lurking around and feel frightened, contact a professional medium.  I'm back to my book tours in person and Skype. Read more on Events/Media page at June Ahern dot com.

Upcoming ghost tours in San Francisco with The Haunted Bay and investigation of a Dark Place Haunted