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Excerpt from "How to Talk With Spirits: Seances • Mediums • Ghost Hunts 
by June Ahern

Chapter 1
The boundaries, which divide Life from Death
are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say
where the one ends, and where the other begins?
– Edgar Allan Poe –

PEOPLE ARE CURIOUS about and perplexed by what happens after death, or if anything does happen at all. They wonder what the spirits of the dead might appear as, how they will manifest and what kind of messages will they give. They want to know why the spirits communicate, and if the spirits or ghosts should be feared. Although this book is mostly about communicating with our beloved ones who have passed with ways in which you can lovingly stay in contact, some people have experienced the darker side of spirits, which I can help understand and even avoid or dismiss.

I have always seen and felt ghosts around me, even in my dreams. Some have been very scary and mean. People have told me I need help, so I’m asking you. How do I stop it? You might not be able to completely stop spirits from communicating with you or seeing ghosts. I hear often from people who are having unwelcomed visitations from bothersome spirits and at times, vampire entities. They feel no power to stop these visitations. I’ll suggest some things here and in later chapters how you can tone it down for pesky ghosts and send them away from your space.
Let me assure you that most spirit/ghost sightings and/or hauntings are quite harmless, although unnerving. Animals and the young, especially babies, see them all the time. Creative people also have a tendency to experience them maybe because they are much more aware of “unseen” energy and colors. The positive visiting spirits can be rather joyful and interesting.
You don’t have to put up with the visits and manifestations. With your psychic abilities, you can curb and control them. It takes willingness, education, and guidance (see my ESP Quiz at end of book.)

The best thing you can do for your ghostly encounters is to learn how to control the visits. That will include which spirits/ghosts you wish to communicate with, when, and how. If they bother you stand up to the ghosts and tell them forcefully to back off or to be gone! Although sorry to say, it doesn’t always work that simply. Still, I’d start there. In time the spirit/ghost will listen and comply. Then again, and this is what I usually start with, negotiate with them sharing your space or bothering you. Say, “Don’t make so much noise!” or “Don’t touch me.” Personally, my advice is to never give permission to an unwelcomed or unknown spirit to touch you! 

Later in the book more about vampire entities:
If you are aware of low-grade, vampire entities please don’t focus on them or engage in any way. They thrive on frightful and curious reactions from the living. When someone shows no fear (or less fearful because it is quite creepy) they usually just slither along to another source to haunt. If it’s a poltergeist (mischievous, bothersome) entity eliminating it might need the cooperation of those sharing your living space. Many cases of poltergeist haunts involve pre-teen and teen members of the family. (advice cont'd in book)

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