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The Curious Living Have many questions about ghost, spirits, seances 

and much more all answered in book. 

This question comes up a lot - do spirits communication

 by dropping coins from heaven?


(available ebook & paperback.

• Question: When I find a penny on the ground or somewhere where I didn’t see it before, I’ve heard it’s a signal my dead loved one is remembering me. Do you believe in the penny message.

• Answer: I do because it has happened to me quite a few times, often in fact. Like you, I’ve seen a penny where I absolutely know was not there before. Now, I also find dimes. I guess the cost of living has gone up in Heaven also or perhaps a spirit is sending a different message.

A connection between coins and the dead is found throughout history. In ancient Greece an obolus (coin) was placed under the tongue of the dead to pay the fare required by Charon, the ferryman of Hades (the god of the Underworld.) He would ferry the deceased across the rivers Styx and Acheron and into the underworld rather than leave the soul to wander the shore for a hundred years. In Persia, England and the U.S. pennies were routinely placed on the closed eyes of the dead, yet the purpose for this practice is not clear. Some say it was to keep the eyes of the corpse from flying open. 

Perhaps you can think of an unexpected penny as a simple “hello” from a spirit, a nickel might remind you of a time when you shared a learning experience, and a dime signifies you went through important life events together. A quarter reminds you to celebrate the spirit's great accomplishments in life.

It doesn’t have to be a coin as one person shared in a recent 2017 Dear Abbey advise column. A woman wrote about a special object she and her loving grandmother enjoyed and shared––sand dollars. Her grandmother would send the woman “dollar” postcards and after the death of her grandmother the woman inherited a gold sand dollar necklace that the grandmother wore often. Some time after the grandmother’s death, the woman looking for a new home, found one lone object in a completely empty house–– a sand dollar. She interpreted that as a sign from her grandmother, felt blessed and comforted and purchased the house.

Abbey responded in part that some people believe sand dollars are “coins” scattered by mermaids.

You might also realize a spirit connection through a particular object you and your departed loved one shared that appears out of nowhere at odd times and places.

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