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Skidding to the end of 2016

Hold on a sec! 

Make 2017 Real to You!

Something I do at the end of each year, and also ask my coaching clients to do, is to reflect upon the passing year before declaring New Year's Resolutions (goals). Reflection allows us to gauge progress and have a reality check on whether we completed goals, left unfinished or unfulfilled ones dangling, came to understand no energy need be put in some goals - the forget-about-it ones, and reflection gives us time to understand life lessons learned.

Plus, doing so, can help you decide what has true value and holds real interest to you to act upon in the New Year.

2016: Think back to the beginning months; what you hoped for and focused on; your resolutions, goals, hopes, focus, dreams. What you said you were going to get done! And why? What made them important to you?

Take inventory: where are you with that now in December 2016? What did you attain? Are you feeling fulfilled with accomplishments? Surprised or felt unprepared with what happened in the year? Did you learn anything new about yourself, others, life and opportunities?

Then again, you might be just glad you made it through the year with all the challenges and disappointments crushing your strength.

No matter if you thought '16 was a win, a loss, both, ask yourself, what was my biggest life lesson?  Was it about my behavior, beliefs, my personality?

How would you sum up the passing year in a few words or lines?

I say, my year was tough one to stay positive and progressive.

I had decided it's okay to be mostly retired, give up with this is who I am, to I'm just enjoy life more so, be more playful, and not being the "workhorse" as I've been for many, many years.

That didn't quite happen.

I did take more time for play, but with grandchildren rather than friends as I intended. Caring for them (as a help to my son and his wife) was also time consuming and tiring. I learned how my sense of loyalty trapped me to overwhelming responsibilities that left little or no time to care for myself.

During the year I found it challenging to stay in my usually positive, progressive attitude with a son whose surgery went wrong, a mother whose stroke started months of a sad decline before passing away, a toddler grandson with a fractured leg, and then yesterday a favorite dog friend, died. My challenges might seem insignificant with what is going on in the world, too many dying from warring tribes, governments in chaos, but to me, it was a challenge and eye-opener to own self beliefs about who I am.

I'm certainly not saying I wouldn't have done the labor of love, caring for my mother, helping my son's family, but I also realized how, for all my life,  I take on too much responsibility and neglect my own needs.

And through the challenges. my spiritual beliefs and practice flourish with taking responsibility of being a Group Leader for the San Francisco Rosicrucian monthly meetings. It certainly was timely to keep me focused on the Higher Road.

What about you? What were your challenges and what inspired you to move through or rise above them?

Even if you make no goals, but think of what you want to get done:

REFLECT: Before you think about where you're going or declare 2017goals, look over the passing year to settle up what might not have come to fruition; decide what is really not important to you (that would be goals you carry on each year but don't enjoy, value or move them along - the usual lose weight, get up earlier to get more done, save money).

THINK: what happen that piqued your interest, grabbed your curiosity, gave your spirit a lift? Did something or someone unexpected wander into your life? Did you have a crushing reality about yourself? An awareness of what life really is all about?

A New Year's Goal setting must have true value to you - that which is in your heart and dreams - tickles your fancy & imagination, challenges you to move beyond the same old, that would nice, inspires you to be more of who you are!

Give your New Year's Resolutions (goals & intentions) a real chance to manifest by making it real to your senses: see, hear, taste, touch, smell it  - create an image, a picture, know it is your intention to manifest in 2017.

I see my books flying off the shelves into the hands of happy readers!

My 2017 goal - publish in print my very popular eBook, "How to Talk With Spirits: Mediums, Séances, Ghost Hunts" - available Amazon Worldwide and

June Ahern Life Coach 
June Ahern Author

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