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Vampires stalk our world, according to storytellers. For most, Bram Stoker's book, "Dracula" was our introduction to a vampire. Nowadays, it's hard to get away from them with the surge of books and films to choose your scary experience. 

I've been well aware of them since the 60's when I'd watch the television series Dark Shadows' vampire, Barnabas Collins, sleep in a coffin through the day to emerge at night seeking necks to suck. Anyone else watch it? 

Seems blood gathering has been with us for quite some time. Vampire folklore has history from many countries. According to Gods & website vampires have a long history. On Wilipedia page the vampire, the undead, visited people and unlike our Count Dracula image of a a tall, somewhat handsome guy, the vampire "wore shrouds and were often described as bloated and of ruddy or dark countenance, markedly different from today's gaunt, pale vampire which dates from the early 19th century."

In "Dark Shadows" and most other vampire sources I've read or seen, it seems young, attractive women are the mainly the target. (Whew! That leaves me out.)

But in Matthew Abaya's newly released award winning indie action vampire film, "Vampariah", (the Philippine version) the blood sucker is one scary female. 

The film is about Mahal, who is a part of an elite squad of skilled hunters responsible for keeping the world safe from vampires and other creatures of the night. Her mission to rid the world of this undead threat becomes compromised when her fate intertwines with an aswang (a vampire of Philippine folklore).

What about your country's vampire? What is he or she called and what naughty things does that vampire cook up? Fresh blood? Followers? To find a list of vampires' names and countries see

The San Francisco premier showing will be in the historical and most delightfully haunted San Francisco's Chinatown's 1920's building know called, The Great Star Theater." The other night I investigated the theater for ghosts and vampires sightings. The history of the building is murky with one recorded suspicious death. What else did I find? My investigation film will be shown at the premier of Vampariah film on Saturday, September 3, 2016. Do join us for a spooky good time! 

Matthew and I met when he filmed my ghost investigation of historical San Francisco building. Now that was scary!  Since then he's filmed three  more of my ghost investigations for the Haunted Bay.   

No more blood left in my house - move on vampires! 

Learn more about  me and my books (How to Talk with Spirits: Seances, Mediums and 

Ghost Hunts plus 2 novels) at june ahern dot com. Available on Amazon & Smashwords.

Vampariah Premier evening filled with vampires, zombies, real deal ghost busting, drinks, live music, and of course ASWANGS! Stay for the after party! Rising from the grave, LA/SF's premiere Filipino Goth Band Dominion returns with "Aswang", the awesome single from the Vampariah Soundtrack.
Preceeded by a special featurette by The Haunted Bay's ghost hunt of the Great Star Theater. The Alameda Paranormal Researchers and psychic June Ahern will dive into Chinatown's Haunted History at the Theater.
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