Wednesday, June 22, 2016


This day and age, right now historically, the world is in chaos. We are undergoing huge changes politically, socially, and religiously. How is it for you? I find it stressful.

"Through the centuries, millions of men, women and children have died in wars. Today the situation is even more worrying, for humanity has the means to destroy itself on a global scale." 
Do want peace? In your country? In your community? Your relationships? Do you add to chaos, anger, hatred, prejudices and war?

Or is your aim to attain peace? Do you believe peace can be attain if you, yourself, within,  are in turmoil? If you have hate prejudices or fears?

How do you contribute to a more peaceful solution in your life?

As a Rosicrucian I am committed to, in some way no matter how small or insignificant as it might appear, add to a more peaceful earth. Personally, I have practiced this recently by having steady, but calmer discourse with some others. I did not raise my voice, I didn't call anyone a derogatory name, I did not blame. And with my fiery personality I call
this a feat!

If you are in or around San Francisco please consider joining me on Saturday, 6/25/16

Rosicrucian Order AMORC - Peace Ceremony, Sat., 6/25. 1-3p.m. Cultural Integration Fellowship Center, 2650 Fulton, enter on 3rd Ave. SF. 

To learn more about me and my books please go to june ahern dot com.

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