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Chapter 1
Questions From the Curious Living

Are you a walk-in, and if so, is that how you became a medium? 
The first time I was asked if I was a walk-in was in the early 1980’s. My reply was “I don’t know.” I really didn’t know much about walk-ins then. Let’s first clarify what a walk-in is considered.
In 1979 Ruth Montgomery, psychic and author of several books introduced in her book, Strangers Among Us, the concept of what is considered a walk-in. “Walk-ins,” she said, “are people from other dimensions who have walked in or came into a mature person’s body with the full consent of the person’s soul intellect.” She also said, “this isn’t a forced incarnation or takeover of a body as in being possessed. (I will discuss more about possession in a later question). The person agrees to leave her or his body and make it available to this new soul rather than go through physical death.
A walk-in occurrence may take place during a traumatic event like a serious illness or an accident. The situation may include a NDE, but not necessarily so. The person might choose to be open to a walk-in because they never quite fit in, feel foreign in their body, and no matter how they might try, can’t relate to anyone. It becomes too painful to continue to try and the person falls into depression. A person who lives this kind of painful mental, emotional and physical life leaves their bodies open to walk-ins. The pain can lead to a depression so severe a person attempts to take his/her life. 

It is reported that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., one of the charismatic civil rights leaders circa 1960, at the age of twelve tried to commit suicide when his grandmother passed away suddenly. At the time of this event, Martin disobeyed his parents’ instructions to stay home and not attend a parade. He went and returned hours later to learn his grandmother had died. Grieved from her death and guilty he had disobeyed his parents’ orders young Martin went upstairs and jumped from the second story window of his house. Of course he survived to go on and became a historical figure that greatly influenced millions and reshaped American society. Could his moment of grave despair be considered an opportunity for a walk-in to appear?
Please note: Not all with the above mentioned ills and challenges are open to walk-ins. You will read later my thoughts on my own experience with regards to my NDE and life thereafter. 
What happens after the walk-in has adopted the body and mind? After a period of time and recovery from the trauma or illness, the person usually has noticeable different behavior and her or his viewpoints of life changes. In some religions this might be considered having found God. The transition certainly won’t be an easy one for many reasons. Family and friends might feel bewildered by the sudden change and think or say such things as “she’s not her usual self” or “he seems to have gone off the deep end since the accident” and so forth.

Montgomery says in her book even some walk-ins are so confused and averse to living on earth he or she thinks, “Let me out of here!” Only, the new being has a clear intention and purpose. In time the being will settle down to help humanity advance in intelligent awareness and show them how to take greater care of fellow humans, animals and nature. 
This certainly sounds like Edgar Cayce who might have been a walk-in. Cayce was an American mystic who is considered the father of the New Age movement. At about the age of thirteen he got struck on the base of the spine by a ball in a school game. After the accident there seemed to be no apparent injury, although he behaved badly. The normally quiet boy threw things at his sisters and was disrespectful to his father. Eventually when put to bed and when asleep he began to talk. As his parents listened young Cayce diagnosed his ailment saying he was in shock. He gave the cure, which his family prepared and applied while the boy slept. The next morning he remembered nothing of the day, or talking in his sleep. He was back to normal. Soon after recovering he began to have psychic insights for others. In the years following the incident, Cayce, a devout fundamentalist Christian, was unsure whether his gift came from God or the devil or why it was given to him. He didn’t sway from his psychic medical readings and over the course of twenty-two years gave thousands of them while also helping advance the acceptance of psychic abilities
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