Sunday, November 15, 2015


In the past couple of days I'm being asked about the victims of the recent terrorist killings in Paris. Will the spirits of the shooting victims transition with ease? one person asked.

I do address this in my ebook, "How to Talk With Spirits" when asked by quite a few about the transition from body to spirit. This has been my experience as a medium. What I say to all, is pray for the spirit of those who had a sudden and often tragic, shocking death. Pray earnestly every day for the spirit to be a peace. Visualize the person (if you know her or him) in a white robe walking toward a brilliant warm sun until they merge or are evaporated into the sun. This can be a week long meditation. To the best of your ability, do not add your emotional grief or anger, or sorrow as that may effect the spirit from making the transition easily.

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• Do most of spirits cross over and just a few stay behind and if so, for how long do they stay with us, the living? Almost all spirits cross over within a short time after death especially deaths caused by age or a lingering illness. They welcomed death glad to be relieved from their pains and illnesses. In fact, elderly people go between the worlds, so to speak, for a few years before death. They stay on the other side during night as they nod off into a sleep state. They visit dead loved ones as though checking out where they are. When awake they will speak about their departed relatives and friends more often than usual.  When they do die and cross over it is easier for them to go.
After a sudden death such as a heart attack, stroke, accident or murder the spirit often lingers around earth a bit longer. They are as stunned as those left behind are, by the quick ejection from the body. They mourn their separation from life until they can accept the transition.

Suicide can bring a mixed transition. The spirit wants to rest from the chaos and pain of their life. When I communicate with the spirit of suicide victims there is remorse and much of the same emotional and mental pain continues. Their questions of why they are in pain and how can they get away from it remain unanswered in the spirit world. Then there is the guilt of the pain they left behind. There have been a few who found some rest soon after leaving, especially if they had a long, painful illness. My advice is to pray for the souls of your loved ones who found life too painful. To forgive them for leaving before a healing could be found. Your prayers will help them truly find the peace they sought while alive.

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