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The veil between the living world and the dead (spirit) world continues to stay open in the days following the Holy Eve or All Hallows or Halloween.

On this day, November 1st, Day of the Dead, loved ones and ancestors continue to be remembered in sacred rituals.  Below is a longer version of communicating and honoring your dead loved ones than I posted previously. 

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Hark! Hark to the wind! 'Tis the night, they say,
When all souls come back from the far away

The dead, forgotten this many a day!

– Virna Sheard, Poet –

All Hallows Eve or Halloween and November First, are sacred times for many throughout the world to honor the dead. The Celts and Mexicans honor their elderly, ancestors, and the dead with special rituals and celebrations on those days. The Catholic Church combined the pagan beliefs with their own to create a day to honor the saints on November first. 

Celtic pagans believed the veils between the two worlds of the living and dead thinned or dropped so spirits could walk the earth to visit their living relatives before crossing back over to the “underworld.” The spirits were not only our loved ones, but also all spirits who want to walk the earth, feel alive and connected to the living.

A more elaborate ritual than only a candle in the window: 

Before it is dark on Halloween and/or Day of the Dead get a photograph of the deceased you would like to visit; a pen, perhaps their favorite color; paper, flower and incense of your choice. Also gather white, black and orange candles (white for protection and clear visions, black for the mystical, spiritual unknown, and orange for the season’s color of renewal), a burning vessel (ashtray or cauldron,) matches for your incense and candles, a  full lipped glass or bowl of water (signifies the other world and also can be used to douse any fire mishaps,) a beverage, perhaps one the spirit liked, and a nice glass or cup to place the beverage and a sweet. The drink and sweet are a symbolic of hospitality for your visiting spirit guests. Optional items are a tablecloth or cloth on floor to lay the items above on and two chairs, one for you and one for your spirit to sit and visit. Set-up your items near a window. Or, you can simply light a white candle, and place it in a window along with a treats. Your spirits seeing the candlelight will recognize your home.

Peer into the water, relax and connect to the psychic mind. Perhaps an image will form or a memory will be recalled. Afterwards, invite your spirits to visit. Stay as long as you like, thinking of your loved ones, talking to them. If you hear, think or sense a message given, take note of it for later examination. Or you may dream about the spirits after your ritual (remember to snuff the candles and incense.) It's easier for them to communicate in this way. Once you lay out your items, light your incense and candles. Quiet yourself for a few minutes or longer, then say, “Only good can enter herein.” Perhaps add a prayer to the Divine to bring forth healing, loving energies and protect you from negative fearful thoughts and/or energies. After all it is Halloween and negative energies/entities also roam free along with your loved ones’ spirits. To the best of your ability, endeavor to be calm and peaceful.

When you feel relaxed, take up your pen and paper and list all those who have passed, and how they affected your life. I write a thank you to my departed loved ones for what they shared and fostered in my life, love, support, talents, and knowledge. To my ancestors, I acknowledge the blessings such as the abilities and skills passed down to help me to live fully. You can fold the paper and put it by the photographs. You can burn your message in your fire safe bowl. As the paper burns, it turns to rising smoke, symbolic for sending your thoughts to the mental psychic airwaves. It’s like ‘mailing your message.’ Or, fold and keep it overnight to burn later or bury or throw in a moving body of water. The ashes are also buried or thrown in water.

I keep my candles lit until bedtime before I snuff them out or extinguish them if I’m leaving the house. If perhaps you haven’t felt the presence of your loved one and would like to keep your candles burning all night you can place them in your bathtub. Make sure with nothing flammable, like a towel or washcloth, is within reach of the flames. 
You may get a message for another. If you do, share it. Spirit communication is often stronger with more than one person. Perhaps someone may want to join you.

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