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Hark! Hark to the wind! 'Tis the night, they say,When all souls come back from the far awayThe dead, forgotten this many – Virna Sheard, Poet –

Do you believe spirits continue to connect with you? 
And some continue to stay around planet earth?  
 I do

Why do I know there is something to it? I've been around a lot of spooky places and contacted many, many spirits. I've know things about dead people I've never met and shared it with their living loved ones. And, I've been to the otherside. Please see an interview with me about one person's experience on Youtube.

Chapter 10 Excerpt

HALLOWEEN, A SPOOKY, good time and all for amusement, right? 

The night is much more than just for fun. All Hallows Eve or Halloween and November First, are sacred times for many throughout the world to honor the dead. The Celts and Mexicans honor their elderly, ancestors, and the dead with special rituals and celebrations on those days. The Catholic Church combined the pagan beliefs with their own to create a day to honor the saints on November first. 
Celtic pagans believed the veils between the two worlds of the living and dead thinned or dropped so spirits could walk the earth to visit their living relatives before crossing back over to the “underworld.” The spirits were not only our loved ones, but also all spirits who want to walk the earth, feel alive and connected to the living. During the spirits’ visit, spooky things happened, as you can imagine. The Celts disguised themselves to waylay troublesome or evil spirits so they wouldn’t recognize and haunt people. Tradition warned people, especially the elderly, the sick and the young, to stay safely hidden inside so they wouldn’t be grabbed and taken to the “underground.”   

This is a good time to invite spirits you want to visit into your home.

How to Talk With Spirits: Seances, Mediums, Ghost Hunts (Amazon and Smashwords.com - more links below) chapter 10 gives you a lovely Halloween ritual to honor and hopefully communicate with your loved ones who have passed.

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