Friday, August 7, 2015


                                     Tapping into DNA

I'm happily retired after forty successful years as a psychic reader and medium, but I continue with my interest and involvement in parapsychology, metaphysics and paranormal. Presently I'm experimenting with my ability to read the DNA strands.

In preparation for my radio interview on Tuesday, August 11th 2015 I did a reading to learn more of what differences are between an aura/chakra psychic reading and as well as a DNA psychic reading.  As I had been thinking there would be, there is a difference.

In the aura reading, along with some medical weak areas,  I picked up the mental and emotional past memories, relationships, messages associated with the woman's energy in each of the seven main chakras.  In her throat chakra (the 5th) I saw colors of green and a mushy beige and associated that with thyroid which she later said it had been a concern for her. A balance needed to be taken care of. In the 2nd chakra  (down by the naval area) I picked up a relatioship with a sister and reminded her to think of that sister not as her life in later years, but as the young, pretty sister she had been. With that came sadness.  These are two examples as I sent through each charka.

The DNA psychic reading came next. Right away I went up to the head and again, the neck. I asked if her mother had dementia or possibly Alzheimer's disease. Yes, she had dementia. Now that wasn't picked up in the aura reading. In the DNA strand I saw it tangled and the cells not flowing in the chest area, the lungs. In the aura/chakra reading various shades of blue had been seen by me in that area. This gave me a message of sadness again, and not at peace because the energy twirled around too much. Now again, I said that area was not in good health. I continued with further evaluation of her health and from which side of the family lineage it came from - paternal or maternal. Unfortunately, as has happened with other DNA readings, this woman didn't have all the family health history to confirm all I saw psychically, but did say some areas she was had medical issues with and/or concerns about.

What I learned today was the DNA focus' more directly on health with less associated with emotional experiences and past memories. I also learned that doing both gives a greater, or whole story of a person's spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well being and/or areas to heal.

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