Friday, May 15, 2015


Thank to the listeners who tuned in and commented on today's show.

But! if you missed today's show on differences between ghosts and spirits of our deceased loved ones, what kind of messages they bring, my police cases, psychics views and more you can still enjoy it. Here's the link

And/or download previously recorded episodes for free on Blogtalk using the link above and look for "On Demand Episodes." These are usually available about an hour after an episode airs.. Download previously recorded episodes for free from the i-Tunes store. Look for IntuitiveTransformationRadio (no spaces in the title) and listen on your computer, mp3 player, tablet or smart phone.

The host Matthew Engel was an inquisitive host that brought out the best information from me with regards to my, over forty years, as a psychic medium. To learn more about me and see the Youtube ghost walks/hunts in San Francisco visit my website at june ahern dot com.

June Ahern, veteran psychic/medium for forty years, is an author of four books; two novels and two paranormal/parapsychology.  Available at her website, or and, Barnes and Noble.  Each book has overwhelmingly positive reviews.

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