Saturday, March 21, 2015


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I look much better on radio. Don't you think? 

Taking a sabbatical after tapping my last show of the season. It's about my NDE and what a reader can expect inside my latest book, How to Talk With Spirits. To listen:…/june-ahern-interview/

For quite a few years the ideal radio show spot was in the works. I knew what I wanted, put it out there and things rolled. What occurred then was invitations from all unexpected radio hosts to be a guest on radio shows. That was my warm-up. Eventually the right person and right situation came to be with Yerevan (readings by I achieved and happily fulfilled that goal over a year ago. We had plenty of interesting shows once a month and now we both embrace time for a sabbicabal.

When a goal is reached new doors open, new opportunities and possibilities are presented - no stopping at the top!

My time doing a radio show reminded me what I have learned as a life coach; achieving a valuable goal leads creates new visions leading to new adventures and goals as has mine: I'm being asked to speak at groups interested in NDE and psychic visions. 

The shows can be heard (and many other interesting guests on the other Tuesdays) at readingsbyyerevan dot com.

 It's a continual adventure. I achieved my goal of having a monthly radio show. From that other interests grew. What about you?

Have you reached a place where it's time for new adventures? At my sf coaching dot com questions from goal setters are answered.

For more about my books, ghost walks on please go to june ahern dot com - books also available at and

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