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By June Ahern

Questions from the Curious Living

The boundaries which divide Life from Death
are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say
where the one ends, and where the other begins?
– Edgar Allan Poe –

PEOPLE ARE CURIOUS about and perplexed by what happens after death, if anything. They wonder what the spirits of the dead might appear as, how and why the spirits communicate, and if the spirits or ghosts should be feared. For centuries and from many cultures and countries, stories about ghosts and their sightings have been shared. The concept of ghosts, as hopeful evidence of life after death, goes all the way back to ancient Egypt. Then it was commonly believed death was merely a transition to some mysterious netherworld of existence.

It is good and reasonable to seek answers to your questions. Ultimately only you can decide for yourself what feels valid. The same and interesting questions about spirits have been asked of me during my forty years of experience with the paranormal. Do ghosts really exist? How do I know if I’ve encountered one? Can I talk to the dead? Are ghosts evil? Shortly before starting this book, I surveyed people curious about psychic phenomenon. Clients, former students, friends, and others sent me the questions below.

• I’ve heard you talk about spirits and ghosts. Is there a difference? To me there is a difference. Although a ghost is the spirit or energy of a person, it has not gone onto a place of peaceful rest. Rather it lingers on Earth reliving the same scene over and over long after it has left the physical body. The majority of times ghosts experienced a sudden, and often tragic, violent death. Ghost manifestations or appearances are often seen as disembodied person spirits. For example, if a person committed suicide by hanging, you might see only the face of that person with a rope tied around the neck. Often, the ghost was a victim who did not receive justice. Some ghosts were perpetrators of a crime. Let’s personalize the concept. You have a situation where you felt unjustly treated, victimized or misunderstood and you play it over and over in your mind. Maybe a one-time which event that hurt or shocked you and you recall clearly what was done and said. You may even still talk about it though it happened years ago. This memory is stuck in your mind, emotions and body and repeats itself as if it was happening all over again. You can’t seem to let it go, bring it to a peaceful or sensible understanding. You may even say something like, “I’ll never get over this.” Well, evidently neither did the ghost. To some degree, there can be a reprieve from the pain of it. You can undergo therapy to help release the sorrow. The ghosts can use your prayers and good tidings for peace.

I have been involved in ghost hunts with a paranormal investigation group named The Haunted Bay: Paranormal SF and Beyond. During the ghost hunt of a San Francisco landmark, The Defenestration Building (closed in July, 2014), we met a ghost of a frightened young woman dressed in only a full slip. She rushed toward me and the filming crew covered in blood. Her terror and quickness made us back pedal to get away. Most likely she was a victim of murder. Although, I was the only one who saw and heard her mentally, the others felt the tension. The woman came only so far down the long hallway then the image of her running toward us repeated. She was stuck in the time and place of her terror. Later, the producer, Ying Liu and cinematographer, Matthew Abaya, returned with a camera to, hopefully, capture the ghost’s image. The photographs show orbits of light and flashing streaks.  
– continued in book –

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