Friday, August 1, 2014


I've been viewed as tough  tuff- "Why are you so tough?" - "You're a tough chick."

Can I say, I was born in a town where tough was a way of life?
My father encouraged his children to be tough. He was an amateur boxer in Glasgow and taught his six daughters how to box. Being brave and standing up for yourself was honorable.

Age and my spiritual quest and teachings have mellowed me. Nice to be more peaceful. 

My novels, The Skye in June and City of Redemption are about tough times, tough situations and tough people.

FROM SCOTLAND TO SAN FRANCISCO: Both novels give readers a history of tougher times and are set in two different cities and countries:  Glasgow, Scotland and San Francisco, California,  U.S.A.

In Skye the main characters are from 1950's Glasgow, a tough town to thrive in the immediate postwar times and for a long time thereafter - poverty continued as read in my novel City's setting of 1966. 

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Photo: "Weans in a puddle." Mitchell Library, Glasgow. About 1950's Glasgow, Scotland

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